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Paderne -Portugal To Marbella Spain

We have been in Portugal for a while.. this our first documented trip since the opening of our Website.   Mot is due for Trusty end of May, so a leisurely drive back to the UK. We can get back in 3 days if we wanted, but going to take 8 weeks and do it the long way round, Via our present location in Portugal .

Driving along the coast of Spain, then France. Deviating on and off the set route at will. Or at least that’s the plan ! Starting from Paderne. Where we often end up..a great village 8 miles of the coast of the Algarve


The Old Roman Bridge Below The Castle Paderne. 

 Today 20/Feb/18 .


The Bridge at Paderne (also known as “Roman Bridge”) is situated over the bank of Quarteira River, in the immediacies of the Paderne Castle 

Were all excited, Packing out Trusty, and unpacking her, too much stuff not enough?? etc We are quite old hands at this, but no matter how much you try. We sneak extra stuff into her, thinking we might-will need it. I say Teresa has too many shoes, and Teresa says, I have to many tools. 

(Psssst !!)  (You Cant Fix Trusty with shoes)  Wink Wink. Shoes may come in handy for a walk. But remember: A second class ride beats a first class walk, any  day. Not That Trusty is second class,bless her..(had to put that in,or she will sulk)

Trusty says, if you’re in doubt about whether you need it. calculate the weight x the inconvenience of moving it around all the time x fuel. Solution?? Ditch It!! Well with that all done??

Did a final check on Trusty, all good, just the oil and filter to change, Just re-insured her and she’s ready to rock and roll


Wow. where did all this rain come from. It’s washed out the start date of our 2018 trip. We will delay a few more days till it improves per_sissing down outside, glad we are cosy and warm in side. This was the road to and from the Villa..we attempted to get the motorbike through it once before last time we were here,and ended up in a mud bath!! well wait till it becomes passable.



We are really off.

Left Paderne midday. A week later than we planned. Weather has been atrocious last 5 days, we were parked up at our friends villa for a few days till it blew over.IMG-20181001-WA0002.jpeg the trouble is their drive is down a dusty track . The rain turned it to a mud bath, fearing if we waited any longer, we may not get out, we made a bolt for it transit and empty trailer first. Slipping and sliding Trusty pulled through it, next? The Bike.. But it rode through it OK. Loaded and 58 miles later, we are parked up on Castro Marim car park 

Castro Marim 11/03/18

 Spent last night here. pretty busy. Did a straight to it job, as we have done most of the spots on the way to here. in previous Journeys, although I will add more of them at a later date to the map..so keep your eye on that.

Aire with full facilities is 100 meters  from us. Full when we got here. Water, black and Grey services are available



Weather is Grey and grim. today. 11/03/18  Just sorting breakfast, then getting ready to roll. Not sure where yet, crossing into Spain later, stop for fuel then sort the next destination  

 12/03/18 Sunday

Popped across the bridge to Spain, On today’s destination .


Got there  around two, bit of a disappointment  fenced Aire, too small for us and trailer. Would have had to unhitch The trailer in pouring rain..

Parked outside. but weather was awful and the town did not look very inviting. We moved on.

GIBRALEON. AIRE. (File Photo)146983_gd


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We are at present sitting on Lidl car park. Just one of those times on the road that don’t go to plan. Ran out of time and patience after 3 different attempts at places to stop. All looked dodgy. We are in a place called Bolluios par del condado. Just of the A49

Good old Lidl to the rescue again.

Lidl seem to have an open door for camping cars,in Spain and Portugal, some France as well, and they are always a good bolt hole if your stuck. I later found out we got clocked by a speed camera just up the road from here, 52k in a 50k.  50 euro fine if paid within 10 days or double if not..Buggers!! you can walk faster than the difference , and Trusty was going down hill.

I’ve been designated Cookie today. so A Beef stew on the menu. Just the thing when sitting on Lidl car park. Restock tomorrow when they open. It’s a rare sight me allowed to cook. and What A site it is !!! Enough to put you off yer Grub..

Ahhh Run !! download (6)


Today an epic Trip. 

We decided to head for the coast from Lidl. weather really good. So off we set, set the sat nav for an Aire close to Estapona 94 miles, and set of. Drove through some stunning scenery,

Through breathtaking View in the mountains. Great. Fantastic, then!! OH No!!! what’s this !!!

images (4)

 50 bloody miles down the road in the middle of the mountains, Road closed no detour around possible. Typical Spanish thinking, bung a sign closing the road at the close point, and not 30 miles back when you could turn off.

I’ve no doubt that some where they have a website to tell you these things, but  we don’t speak Spanish,  some very irate cursing from Teresa ?? ( I don’t swear) Well not Much . I have a lot of faults, but being wrong isn’t one of them. 

Quick frantic search on the sat nav, and a cross-country detour of 30 miles and that’s why we are here in Cammpillos 150 miles on, and 50 miles from where we wanted to be tonight 

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