Our House/Villa and Pet Sitting Service


Totally Free for 5 day sits or more  up to April 2019

Hi Tony and Teresa welcome to our House Sitting Service

We are very experienced house sitters and offer a very good service. sitting your property and looking after your pets.

We have done many house and pet sits in the past. It is a good way for us to supplement our income whilst travelling. We can sit from 1 week to 3 months, depending where and what it is.

UK to Portugal  Includes Spain and France
check out our Travel pages to see where we are or contact us via the comments  form or  Our email address  trustyrustysblog@yahoo.com

Totally Free for 5 day sits or more  up to April 2019

No room left for me
I’m a Big  but beautiful 

Our services.

A full house sit + Pet sitting,/walking
Max 3 dogs and 3 cats Free
above this we charge 2 euros per day, for every extra pet. 
With Burglaries and pet theft on a big increase, it makes sense to protect your pets and belongings in every way possible 
Now you see me
No Pets?

If you prefer to lock your property up and keep it private, But Maintain a security presence.

No problem.

We own a motor home, all we need is off road parking on your premises,and access to water fossa etc 
Remember its totally free for 5 day sits or more.
Hiding in plain site
Villa Sit Jan 2018

Terms and conditions 

Got to put this in for peace of mind to all concerned
As house sitters we agree to vacate,with the agreed notice or the end of the agreed sit.
Any and all sits that we do, House and pet sitting,will not constitute a rental or tenancy agreement .between either the home-owner,or us.  
We only sit your house under these agreements
We can supply excellent testimonials  and references
Your Home and Pets Will Be In Safe Hands Until You Return.