The French/Spanish Border to The Top Of Portugal*

Well as usual Trusty’s plans went haywire. At the border almost. Saint Jean De Luz was packed. we normally stop here for a couple of days rest. A campsite we use on a regular basis, too an fro from the border.
Wow..42 euros a night, double what we used to pay. So nowt else for it, Head for Spain. crossed the border around 3.30  afternoon , made our way to a spot in the hills overlooking the sea 500 meters up.
Difficult to get too  Lovely spot. but a load of boy racers turned up, revving engines Noisy  Tw*** so cuppa time and move off.
For anyone who hasn’t been this way along the north coast to Gijon and beyond. The first 50 miles or so are made up of the lower Pyrenees  and lower foothills. which makes for a lot of up and down if you want to get to coastal spots. Better to use the motorways and pass Bilbao and  Santander and head to the coast after. but remember its all hilly at certain spots. Made our way to another spot on park4night app. Late now and 50 miles over the border into Spain. Well even worse, Kids on Motorbikes, shouting and screaming 11pm at night, No cuppa this time off ski. and find something else. Found a nice aire 11 k away
Woke up this morning to the above pics. Aire is  directly on flight path of Bilbao Airport, but it was quiet after midnight. until the alarm clock at 7 am compliments of Easy Jet. Pity it wasn’t  Ryan-air, it would have been canceled.
Anyway all is well, back on track topped up with Cheaper Spanish Diesel,  Aldi and Lidl much cheaper than France. 5 ltrs of Good wine. 4.50 euros a box. 6.99 for 3 liters in France. And it was Spanish as well.
Moved on  after the shopping  50 miles to this spot,.Aire alongside a lake and Wildlife Park
Wildlife park looks OK but its only got Elephants, Bison and Deer. as far as we could see. A whopping 30 euros each to get in. but it includes the cable car ride. Not what we came for and you can see the animals from the outside fence above the village.
The Aire is quite large and in two parts. we are in the actual Aire which is 20 meters from the lake car park, which is busy at the moment of writing, with Spanish picnickers. so the Quiet end for us. The services are there but ancient and rough. but black and Grey water can be emptied, and the water tap is above the dump. so as we have a full tank, we won’t be using it. So coming up tea time hopefully no boy racers tonight.its a long way out. but you never know.
Spent last night listening to to rain on the roof and fighting mossies off. Bitten to Buggery and back. manage to redecorate the inside of Trusty with my own blood, but at least I got 3 ..well actually I got 5, but only 3 had blood in them, mine and Teresa’s.  Bloody pests. blood sucking vampires. Hate them !!!! My fault. one of the mods I did to the vents had a gap…GAFFER Taped !!! it today. no boy racers though, and they cant get through Gaffer Tape !   Apart from the sound of a million wings. Quiet. So if you get here at all. get yer mossy cream and cricket bat out.
Gijon and on. 
We passed Gijon around dinner time, had a couple of stops for lunch shopping etc. Found a nice large spot by a small  bay. We have been here before, its a port city and busy. We had a good look round it last time. We stopped for lunch then Skedaddled 
Found this place.
Two beers in the beach bar 2 euros each, but it is a beach bar so to be expected.
Not far from the Spanish Portuguese border, were getting closer ample parking in a field . We got Charged a Euro for a ticket, but I’m sure the Guy was totally unofficial. Saw the Spanish waving him off or just plain ignoring him. But doesn’t matter to us, he’s got to live. Took a look at the ticket afterwards and it said Donation. He was gone by 5.30 off to the bar I expect.
Nice place, and I would think packed normally but its overcast and 18 degrees, cold by Spanish standards, so not so busy yet,there is a concert playing at the restaurant, noisy but bearable. Sounds like somebody strangling a cat, but Hey Ho..Each to their own. Going to stay the night and see how it goes.
 Suns Up !! …A good night, very quite. The Band in the restaurant killing cats, gave up 10.30. Over all a very good place. Beach is clean and surprisingly for August, not crowded.  Plenty of space on Grass/Sand hard standing, again maybe tricky in very wet times. Access is good even for larger campers.  Well it rained hard in the night ground is good not soggy after all. We got off no problem
North Portugal.