Pepe’s We Meet

Christine and Eamon

We first met  them at Nules in Spain.  They had come to meet up with friends of theirs . A coup[e and their  two dogs Travelling in a Hymer.  Christine is outgoing and bubbly. Eamon is Quiet and cool. Unlike me. Im neither Quiet or very cool. Or bubbly for that matter.

We hit it off very well. and its stuck. They Visited us this year back in the UK and stayed with us on my brothers farm for a few days, At present in the UK. Christine is just getting over some surgery and raring to go.Starting The new trip in the Hymer beginning of  November. They are based near Banbury. UK. and get off in their motorhome as much as they can. but not full time. So, a meet up at some point on our travels this year

The gang Christine and Eamon on the right.. Alison and Stan on the LeftIMG_20180528_104250

Christine at the Farm, Dogs on the right are hers


Stan and Alison

We met at the same place in Christine and Eamon. We only meant to stay 1 night, and stayed 18.

Another Great Couple Travelling in their Ford Motorhome. Full time. With their Jack Russel dog Nutmeg. At present on route From UK  to all roads Beyond. Whoopee trip started We missed them all since parting. Stans a gold mine of old Jokes. keeps us smiling no matter what..

They suffered a nasty break in on their van just over the french border south of France way. on their way back in April. So have been sorting it with their insurance. A modified van. now. to include Bars on windows to name one. You Hear of this break in Problem. but never think it may happen to you. Beware folks, as Alison and Stan will tell you if you see them on your travels. Its no Joke !! and costly. . anyway they are over it now and set to rip up the tarmac. see you soon Guys



Stan The Man. Old Fella’s Tired out


Alison at the back