Spain Stops

43.35342, -1.84177         Fuerte de Jaizabal

Parking on top of a hill 500 meters above sea. Fantastic views. busy car park in august.holidays. good walking area with wild horses all round. not an aire so no services. very steep accent to it by road. Dont put in sat nav shortest route.Its impassble for large campers.

43.28555, -2.86546            Zamudio Aire  
Services are good, clean Aire is spacious. and more space on adjoining car park. down side its directly on Bilbao Airport flight path. but stops midnight resumes 7 ish morning time.  didn’t bother us we slept OK  
43.35797, -3.81992    penegos  W/LIFE PARK
aire has rudimentary services, ancient but functional. By a lake and a 2 hundred meters from the village with shop bars restaurants. plate of the day 3 course 13 euros Beware of the. mossies. plenty around at dusk   park entrance fee 30 euros each. Rip off. we think.
43.575505, -5.999168     Punta la LlADA      
Nice Place Tiny. smaller campers . camped on grass next to bay. no hassle but we were told the Guardia do move you on. We got away with it..

43.5766, -6.22109       La pedregosa               
Grassy field, good ground. beach bar. restaurants. Guy sitting on chair charges a euro makes it seem like its pay. But its free. the ticket is for some charity. Probably the Sagres Club..but we bunged him anyway. what the heck. Hes gone by 5. its a good stop. toilets , Beach showers.but no camper services.

41.8641, -8.85813              Mata do Camarido

nice spot this huge car park next to footy stadium 500 meters from beach. in trees with shade. water from drinking fountain tap. no other services. packed out with cars in august, but they all go around 7 ish. Quiet night just 4 other campers. Dont be tempted to walk round footy walls. it seems to be used as a toilet. apart from that a good place

37.0429 -4.8634             Campilos Aire           
Good Aire 6 spaces  for motorhomes, large car park attached empty when we got here water.and all services free. nice town. quiet at night

   37.372002 , -6.962560     Gibraleon Aire     

Good Aire. Fenced and secure. Tarmac standing, all services. Nice Town. but we only saw a little of it as it rained most of the time we were there.

36.1558, -5.3511                                                 

Campers park here for Gibraltar walk in or bus. but its got a bad rep for Thievery . we gave it a look and moved on Been to Gib before. not impressed with it.  so moved on up coast

36.504695, -4.683395               Mijas Aire       
Stayed two nights, been here before, large aire of sorts, water in the corner by bins no Grey or sewage waste available as of time of writing. Lidl up the road past the foot bridge, good launderette now open over footbridge and 300 meters to the right. your supposed to go to police station or town hall to register your stay. but we never bothered. Gaudia civil went past twice no problem, but be aware!! you must park behind white concrete barriers or get
a fine.Market days Wednesday and Saturday.

36.85128, -2.03206   Abandoned Gold Mines 
Circular gravel car park with abandoned Gold mine workings dotted around, quite interesting. Access through a small village half derelict half new. not suitable for very large motor homes . 6/8 meters is OK no services that we can find.. 

37.76393, -0.83065     Narejos campsite          

Nice site 8 euros in the cheap seats. Graveled pitches next to main office along the road, quiet at night. 11 euros with electric, main pitches on tarmac, full when we got here at 3pm..nice restaurant on site with bar, but a tad expensive .Not much around the place and nothing to make us linger more than one night. Small sea front esplanade, nothing to write home about. Trusty and us spruced up, heading on in the morning

38.646083 0.05637            Calp street park     

Street parking in Calp 10 miles from Benidorm. Going a bit quicker towards France than we planned. Weather getting cooler as we go. Still jumper weather when its brezzey. But T-shirts when the sun rolls out. Calpe a nice town. Good sea front. Walk only. Place is motorhome friendly. Aires and campsites full of them. And plenty parked around the streets. Bars on the esplanade are reasonably priced. . Lidle 450 yds away .
No street parking at all, when we returned 2 years later. big fines if you do. have to use the campsites, which are almost always full.

39.796859 -0.14045  Moncofo Aire                    

Good for a night or two 48 hr limit. Has all grey. Water tap.  etc. Nothing of interest around it. Within walking distance.  but if you have a small motor bike or cycles then it will be OK. 
Update. new Aire is now along side it. in our opinion not as good as the old one.Nearest  town bars are half a mile away

39.97984, 0.02282                   Catillion Aire.        

Around 30 places, backed onto a children’s playground. noisy when we were there. stayed 1 night with friends parked next but one. OK for 1 night. good Aire but not for us. All services free, including. wi fi, it  is not encrypted, so dont do you banking, passwords etc on it. I understand they are going to make a charge on this Aire this summer. dog friendly beach is 50 yds from it. Mercado is up the road on foot 5 minutes 

41.203089, 1.568221        CALAFELL CASTLE   

Not an Aire, Its a Carpark. Nice village spot under castle next to school. parking used in the week for school. but plenty of other spaces around. very quiet when we were there in April 18 at the week end. Castle is interesting and worth a visit.4 euros adult. concessions for the older generation and services that we could find. good for a couple of nights

41.77998, 3.02316       Saint Feliu de Guixols     

Great place. we love it. Beautiful Harbor Town with loads of naval history. good bars and food outlets on the front, and side streets..Stunning views. Aire is 5 euros a night with water, dump, and grey waste. water tap is hiding to the right of the dump on the wall. there is one at the black waste, but Dont use it for drinking. The free parking is above the aire. I noticed some height barrier posts at the entrance. could not work out if just installing or never Finished. but no restriction up till now.
Update: Height barrier now on upper carpark. no longer Motorhome friendly in this carpark. Aire is still below it. difficult for long campers, and tags axel or super long campers, a no no, they touchdown on entrance and exit, prices hiked to 15 euros a night in summer, and 5 off season. 5 ok but 15 Not worth it for what you get