Portugal Stops


With the advent of covid 19 Spain and portugal have shut almost all aires and campsites. Wild camping is harder to do. As the restrictions ease, we think many will re-open. However, some will not! especially in Portugal, as it seems that they are trying to discourage Motorhomes , and encourage short term holidays. Daft in our opinion.

The motorhome and camper fraternity in both spain and portugal, has exploded in the last 5 years. wall to wall motorhomes in some towns. locals cant park by the beach or secluded spots. car parks are being over run, unoficial camping/parking every where. We can see why they are doing this. but perhaps the answer is the French connection. Aires. lets hope so

41.17866, -8.47154                                                https://goo.gl/maps/aqYEjcf1Pko

Large clearing in woods. Good for a night. would be much better but rubbish Spoils it a bit. New age Travelers were bagging  it up. bless them. Grass on dirt parking. access road OK. most campers can go. Not far from Porto around 30k. absolutely dead quiet at night.

40.72986, -8.6488   Porto de Abrigo do Boco Harbor   https://goo.gl/maps/Qww7p4ytfaL2

Porto de Abrigo do Boco Harbor One. of our favorite spots so far this Trip..Superb

39.91501, -8.95393     Praia de Pedregosa               https://goo.gl/maps/RBFTCqK56EB2

nice beach plenty of sea front bars and restaurants. large car park campers tolerated. we did not stay overnight A little too noisy for us

39.88517, -8.95477           Pinhal do Pedrogao          https://goo.gl/maps/Dd4CFvGfq6D2

Stopped here, instead of Praia Pedregoa. less noise, Aire has all waste dumps and water. its big. so no shortage of pace. we stopped across from it as it is less crowded. these co -ords will take you to our spot.

39.35616, -9.1569       Obidos castle Aire                     https://goo.gl/maps/dbEuPxdpi932

Nice little aire with easy access to Obidos Castle , dirt hard standing. Services, black and grey with water. Price is 6 euros a night. no one came while we were there. but there is a little shed with a box on it that says please put your money here.  Tiny Aire 6/8 campers. limited shade but seems OK. Notice warning of not leaving anything of value in your vehicle. a little hard to do in a camper.  we parked to see the castle but did not stop.

38.93368, -9.32641      Mafra palace Aire                https://goo.gl/maps/b3hDAoZ4vC62

A very good Aire this one.. but no shade. all services. A stones throw from the Palace. The palace is well worth a visit. not expensive, 6 Euros, and half price for seniors. but you have to ask??

38.868, -9.44964   Cliffs near Praia do Magoito     https://goo.gl/maps/HQyoUwNif1F2

parking in large rough car park on edge of cliffs. 100 foot drop to ocean. seems OK . but don’t try it in rough weather. its exposed. and on the very edge.The rest of car park is good but busy in summer. and very Rutted. Dead Quiet. We stayed 1 night.

38.78792, -9.37441      Sintra footy club Aire          https://goo.gl/maps/txqLCWg3RSz

Rough and ready Aire with limited parking on the asphalt. but plenty on the rubble parking below, reasonably flat, but very rough surface . Has services alongside groundsman’s house. its 7 euros a night to include services. no longer 2 euros for services and 5 parking . its all one price. a bit steep for the actual parking. but all goes to footy club so a good cause. The bar is cheap, on site, and super friendly. Its about the only place you can park in Sintra with services. 

38.79276, -7.68713           Camping Alentejo           https://goo.gl/maps/SBxMTsrQ5ps

cant say enough about this site except superb.jumped across to it yet again. normally we do it on our way into Portugal if we come that way. but it was only 30 miles from where we were. so had to be done.

38.44399, -7.38027            Monsaraz Castle             https://goo.gl/maps/Qy3FWKuyQdr

This is one of Portugal’s superb castles. Small village and Templar church inside its walls. well worth a visit. 3 large car parks around.  up on a hill. Room to park for night. no services I could see.

38.344, -7.38554                      Aldeai de Luz               https://goo.gl/maps/P5YG6e6r16z

The quietest place we have been in Portugal, or any where else for that matter, Like a Ghost town, Aire very good with full services but in full sun, So we did not stop overnight. 38 degrees when we got there.

The lakes are half a click away, and not right by the Aire. We ventured down to the waters edge. water looked inviting, but too many sunken objects to get trapped on. Whole Forests of dead trees some only a meter or two under the surface.  Dams are some of the most Dangerous places to swim in Portugal. Some guy lost his life in one not far from here, two days before. Don’t be tempted, unless its a designated swimming area.

37.85097, -8.79206                    Porto Covo                https://goo.gl/maps/3HwhQJm3fdT2

This a great little town we have stayed here a few time over the years. Aire area is right next to almost every thing that goes on. 

37.51999, -8.78623                     Zambujeira               https://goo.gl/maps/5Gknd7WxynE2

hard standing no services. good views no hassle from GNR..we stayed one night

37.31642, -8.80293                  Ajezur                            https://goo.gl/maps/h5CcxnRbFN62

waste ground car park, by the river Wilding seems to be tolerated here. also across the road behind the restaurant. where we think you can dump, we stayed one night to visit the castle. which is a hell of a climb. but the views are spectacular

 37.31644, -8.59232               Foia. Monchique            https://goo.gl/maps/AaKvPHSini22

Wild camping at top of Agarves Highest piont. Cafe bar is open in summer, and part time winter. Toilets and spectacular views. 

37.19312, -8.9025              Praia da Borderia              https://goo.gl/maps/yrcRfMKPVwR2

plenty of parking for Mo- homes. Hillier than the map looks. Splendid views super beach. good place for kids to paddle in back waters. keep away from beech bar in the middle of the sand. 4 euros a beer. Rip off

37.00571, -8.94041          Sagres                                 https://goo.gl/maps/LCtXoC3Liy42

Good place to park up. Campers Tolerated. plenty of beach and local bars and Restaurants. Aire of sorts.. Services. 

37.11553, -8.67801               Lagos                                https://goo.gl/maps/EfsAzGXDNtB2

Parking at Footy ground . Small charge, was 5 euros when we were there . Services include dump. water and toilets, and showers I do believe now. Very Handy for town. Car park gets crowded footy and market days

Update: we hear that this place has been stopped, like many many camping spots in Portugal. We think in a moment  after this covid crap. they are going to be crying out for tourists. well see

37.12486, -8.59458             Alvor Aire                                https://goo.gl/maps/uSkkS6Zgk7s

On Dirt/sand. open space no shade. very busy in winter. has water and dump. Nothing special aire wise. Around 7 euros a night. but the the location is superb. Alvor in our opinion is one of the very best places in Portugal. This Aire is slap bang almost next to the sea, and town. Long termers hog it in the winter. but you can normally get in. if not. Park on the lanes with palm trees next to it.There is a nice campsite (camping Alvor) further back as you come from the N125 but its around a mile to the center.

This place is closed down at the moment, they closed it last year, while we were there. Camping Alvor and the Mayoress using covid excuse to do it, she wanted it closed  

37.13447, -8.58997             Camping Alvor                    https://goo.gl/maps/Gexv5yJTuDP2

Used to be a good winter bargain. but prices climbing, Not a place to use in July and August as its expensive, Noisy overcrowd, wall to wall tents. you wake up to find them pitched all around mo home. cant move. Most pitches are sloping and the whole site is Hilly. bottom of the site, prone to flooding.

Prices up over a third since aiding and abetting with the Aires demise.

37.12652, -8.5224                       Ferragudo                  https://goo.gl/maps/XKGMxXBNXjz

This is a strip of ground with no services within walking distance old The town. its unofficial. but camping was normally tolerated in the winter. however last year the GNR chucked everybody off as there were many vans. rubbish collecting. and waste dumping. went past this year. a few vans on it. so its a case of suck it and see. 

Now permanetly closed. fines if you do. seems they dont want campers at all no Aire around now as the same mayoress closed that as well
37.11197, -8.51766                    Ferragudo 2                https://goo.gl/maps/TLo77zLkXct

Possible to wild camp here. in winter. no services. much nicer than the other one across town

37.10801, -8.35185              de Pera Campsite            https://goo.gl/maps/fhbC72M8juB2

Popular in the winter good facilities and friendly staff. we stayed over Christmas to new year on our first trip, although we have passed it many times since, prices a little higher, but still the same good site.  beware of bottom pitches as next to swampland and a good few mossies around at certain times of the year

37.07648, -8.2778    Wild Camp  nr Albufiera           https://goo.gl/maps/z4XcQ57XSJP2

Good spot Fabulous views. but rough terrain. Not many flat places. on cliff top . motor homes tolerated in small quantity’s in winter. . No services. good for a few nights. No good in poor weather.

37.16792, -8.20893              Fonte de Paderne             https://goo.gl/maps/p48zAvCsmK52

The font itself , has space for around 15 campers crowded in..normally  busy with long stayers in winter. water,waste and toilets available here, but you would have to hover on toilets, bit grim Better for waste dump.

Paderne is a great little village, and just recently won the award for best village in the algarve. bars.all very reasonable. beers from  around a euro average  has a fuel station but  Fuel miles cheaper at intermarche in ferreiras marked yellow. on map. Its around 5 miles away.

bar to drink in is the Inish bar. The best restaurants to eat in for both quality and price, is zip zips, fish is superb, and Arcros ,excellent for everything

37.15646, -8.20972              Motorhome Friends              https://goo.gl/maps/etgjvg1csoq

Closed July and August Nice little campsite this, with exceptionally friendly owners. open from 16/9 to 31/5  They have space for 21 motor homes and  WiFi,  shower, toilet, wash- and drying machine. They also offer a special car service for going to the supermarket, pharmacy or post office.. Advisable to book if you can as its extremely popular with the Dutch in the winter. 

37.23197, -8.18065          Alte Cemetery, Wild camp   https://goo.gl/maps/mprVnXH8pYL2

Road around cemetery, its unofficial. but good. No services, and not much shade. spectacular view points. Alte village is up the road 300 meters Good bars and restaurants. Spot is . very quiet at night. . busy in winter months but almost deserted in summer .   

  37.23681, -8.17298                 Alte stop 2               https://goo.gl/maps/TpBm7FkauJN2

Parking opposite toilets. services. Mainly used for buses, but a couple of camper spots if you can get in. well sort after these spots. but worth a look before going to cemetery  

37.11962, -8.22694                  Sul Park                            https://goo.gl/maps/nf1W3j2tSBU2


A new one this. Only just opened a week or two. Took a look at it today 11/09/19. Large area with 3 water and waste bays. and office as you enter from main road..up the drive it opens out and here you can put up to 90 Motor homes.
Pedro is the  Guy in charge price stated was 7.50 with electric at the moment. cheaper for long stays. Its a bit bare at the mo as its just been ripped out of the wilderness. but I think it will be a very good winter stop.                                     

37.05183, -7.7427                Fuseta harbor                     https://goo.gl/maps/Btw5tvy7zVq

Stopped here two consecutive nights. Nice spot alongside the jetty. The Gnr are known to move you if in season.  the campsite is next to it up the road. if its empty they direct you to it. we got away with 3 other campers here. while they moved around 10 others near the campsite.

37.21765, -7.44572    Castro Marim                                 https://goo.gl/maps/srohmvn3YkC2

Aire with full facilities is 100 meters from us. Full when we got here. Water,black and Grey services are available 

 If the Aire is Full which it often is. and they park like Sardines in a can. These co-ords are for the massive Town car park 100 meters away. where you can more or less always park for free. Use the Aire services when you arrive or depart. Its dead handy for the border jump either way. and a great small town as well

37.475201 , -7.474700       Alcoutim Aire                         https://goo.gl/maps/raVFTG5Ub6s

Aire  is tiny.  It should hold around 15 campers if parked properly, however they tend just to abandon Ship and park at all different angles. been 3 times mostly always the same. Services with water but pay…Free dump. Try not to park at the narrow end, or you may get blocked in.

Its a 5 minute walk to river and the town.

Alcoutim is a mixture of old and new.  very small and to be honest not much to do or see. But very Pleasant. You can cross the river by ferry. 1 euro, foot passengers only.  and return if you want by the steel rope pulley over the river. Or the ferry.

The Spanish Town opposite is nice, but again not that interesting. The Spanish Fort above the town, Fires its guns every now and then, Just to remind the Portuguese They are still there.

Again this one now nor so good, just before they closed it for covid, started charging by the meter..rip off!!