Paderne. Town and Aire


We love this great, little Town. We use it as a start and stopping place for our Travels. A really superb little white village 9 ks from Albufierea

Lots of cheap bars, and  some very good inexpensive restaurants, In and around . Great Friendly people.

we have had many happy hours in the winter here. Lots of things to do around  as well. Some amazing walks to the castle. old Roman bridge. and the river catchment area. all walk-able from the bridge at the village entrance. 

The Aire

The Aire is large enough for around 15 Motor homes. Situated at the Font.

Deserted in summer. Not a lot of shade and as its the main resurgence for the river it has a lot of water flowing most all year round. In summer it gets very busy with Locals filling bowsers, including the Gypsies, doing washing in the big wash-house pictured. There are lines for their washing too. Toilets are there, but only fit for black waste. Gets quite busy in the winter months with motor homes. and less busy with locals. OK for a night or two. We dont use it because we have a base nearby. But in 4 years we have not heard any complaints about Any theft or trouble. but its like every where you go. A little vigilance goes a long way.

go a little further past the font turn right for the castle. Its possible to drive right to to this very old castle. but my advise if you have a large camper. Is leave it at the font and walk its a mile or so.

Other than that you can drive down the dirt track its wide and quite passable for large campers. couple of narrow bends but more than wide enough. and park under the motorway bridge and walk up to the castle. This is probably the best bet for the none walkers. or of course do what we do..Use Lex..our motorbike.

Before you begin walk up to the castle. you will see the track to the  right has been shut off with Concrete posts. this is to stop the boy racers and cars in general going down there to the wier and duck pond, and leaving it in a mess.. But like Portugal is all over Sadly. they just drive round it on a bit of flat land. Its still a nice place to be especially when no one is around.

The Castle

This is a very old Castle. Its only open to the public on Wednesdays  8 am til 6 pm. Like most castles in Portugal its just that, a castle not much inside it, some digs and renovations going on but not much else. its the history of the place thats more interesting. I’ve included the write ups on the info boards outside

The roman Bridge is just below down a steep climb to the river bed. There is a better way to get to the roman bridge. via the Wier and duck pond. which you take a left before the steep road climb to the Castle. but involves a walk along a rough track through the bushes to the left of the Wier. probably best to do this before going back and going up to castle

The Wier A lovely place on the brook, ducks and waterfowl of all kinds ideal for a picnicking as well.


 From here we are starting the journey back to UK, for Trustys MOT.  And our first blog.

LINK ..The first step