Marbella and down the coast to Benidorm

Tuesday 13/03/18         

Wet Today 10am….Damp and Grey start. Trusty at Cammpillos Aire 

We are going  towards Marbella and the coast.  It’s been a good night here. Quiet and peaceful, but it is winter and I think it would be a tad noisy in the summer, as camper-van spaces are along  an esplanade with seating and also it’s a main walkway to the town. 


Just packing up.  Teresa’s putting on her make up.  So!! Time then…, to strip trusty’s engine down and, rebuild it .Beats me why it takes so long

 Nice Trip through more mountain scenery, Today, beautiful Spanish white villages and towns dotted everywhere; we came through some serious cloud on our decent towards Marbella, and the coast. …

Decided to skip Marbella, been here before too busy and too expensive for our tastes. So were parked up at an Aire of sorts in Mijas. Large car park with water but no other services we can find.

it’s around 500 yards across a foot bridge to the town and beach. Found a nice Laundromat across the road 7 euros wash and dry. So that will do nicely tomorrow. 

Update on the Laundry Facilities. It’s across the road from Aire and 500 meters or so to the right once you cross the Blue footbridge. We did 8 kgs of washing and drying for 7.50 euros, Brilliant place clean and efficient. 
We may stop another day or so.  Hold yer Horses Tone !! We Have just been told its market day tomorrow and we have to go to Police station to register our passports and Trusty to stay here for 48 hours.
That would be OK as we planned to stop for a couple of days anyway. Problem is it can take up to 4 hrs to do this. No way !! I could grow a beard by then. So looks like we may be off early then.
                                Mijas beach.                                         Its market day.
14/03 18. 
Still at Mijas. Sure enough Market Day. But all seems OK up to now. Police drove around this morning but no sign of getting out to; warn us, maybe after market closes. 
15/03/1 8
left Mijas this morning, the police never came back. Pouring down. The Weather is not great at the moment, but its normal for Spain this time of the year. We picked a site off park for night drove 58 miles to it, not so good, so we drove on to our backup, always do two or 3 from our various sources. Park4night being one of the

We are parked up at a place called Minas de oro de Rodalquilar, an abandoned Gold Mine.

we’ve been digging all day. and collected, yes!! you guessed it !! Blisters!!.

Not Really..After all. No One abandons a Gold mine if its got something in it. Very interesting place half the village and the gold mine are derelict,  but The rest of it seems pretty new, got a gold museum, closed now for winter. 

Off down the coast towards  Murcia, passed loads of places we could have stayed at, but wall to wall campers. Like it every where this time of the year. 

Put the fatal shortest route into the tom-tom, and ended up crawling up and down coastal mountains. Why do I do these things, ought to know better by now. Some spectacular scenery though.

Great campsite this. in the cheap seats. 7.50 euros a night with all facilities. Without electric. 11 euros a night on the tarmac ones. Trusty is self sufficient power wise so Saving again. Restaurant a little pricey for our tastes. But to be Fair we are not great diners out. 

The town was not that inviting. it was off season and most things closed. Dinjey Supermarket close by..saving electricity on lighting. If you use it, Take a torch..or better still a miners lamp

The sea front was a bit soulless. and deserted, also even in summer looks like not much to do except scorchio


Left Mar Menor campsite around 11 ish this morning, 59 miles, arrived at area 7 campsite Costa Blanca, packed full, Inches away from each other.

Not our slice of fun.and 10 euros a night to live on top of each other as well.. Then we remembered we’ve been near here before and headed for a wild camp spot we knew up the coast a mile or so.

Managed to squeeze on, great! Its right on the edge of town. Town is called Los Campello.. Lovely place, garage selling everything including a bar and cafe, next door and Lidl 200 yards further on, Sorted !! 

Dirt road parking but Trusty loves that, so do 20 other campers as well but no chance they can park along side.

UPDATE !! This place now has no mo-homes signs installed due to thoughtless people dumping waste and rubbish .It was ok when we were there but put up a couple of weeks later.

       18/03/18          Beach at El Campillo today cloudy but warmish 16 degrees 

We have spent 2 days here, it’s a nice place. took a long walk around Prom and surrounding streets again today.  Plenty to do, good shops of all sorts. We also decided to take a look at the tram rail system to Benidorm for future reference. We are going to bypass Benidorm tomorrow, its difficult to park over night in the city and near impossible with a trailer as well. So the tram rail looks good. goes from Alicante to Benidorm, around 6 /7 euros per person return. Tickets available from machine on train or any main station. good details about it on Tripadviser. We may use it if we pass this way again. only drawback we can see is, Benidorm train station is 30 mins walk down hill to center, then walk back up after Hmmmmm!! thinking about that one.

In case anyone is wondering, the trailer has my motorbike on it, but as its out of mot we are hesitant to use it in Spain as the Guardia Civil whilst very polite, may decided to keep it if they feel like it. Also its a very heavy and extremely fast piece of kit. So Ive bought a 125cc light weight motor cycle from Ebay. I will manufacture a light weight rack to fit onto the camper and do away with the trailer, when we get back to the UK. We have a lot of fun with the Bike but it’s just too heavy to use on tracks and exploring small villages etc. might use it when we hit France. No mot needed on motorcycles in France.

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