Campillos to Benidorm and Beyond*

I have included a copy of our maps, which contain some of our later trips and stopovers. Which will be re-written and included to the blog later.
After our enforced detour , We ended up here at Campillos, more by necessity than design.
Campillos Aire. and Town Center
Its quite good. only 5 spaces, but its situated in a large car park. so plenty of room if its full. All services except electric, Which is there but Locked, with signs of long term none use. Nice Town Small enough to walk round. turn left out of the Aire by waste water dump, and its just down the esplanade. Typical Spanish Town Center. its well laid out,
Very pretty, and plenty of cheap eating and drinking, Establishment around. walked a little father from the square we realized its tiny..not very pretty beyond the square and nothing of great interest to us. I’m sure that there is more to it than we found, but it was 30 degrees in the sun, time for a shady beer.
Google link: Campillos
Tuesday 13/03/18         
Wet Today 10am….Damp and Grey start. Trusty at Cammpillos Aire 
We are going  towards Marbella and the coast.  It’s been a good night here. Quiet and peaceful, but it is winter and I think it would be a tad noisy  in the summer, as camper-van spaces are along  an esplanade with seating and also it’s a main walkway to the town. Just packing up.  Teresa’s putting on her make up.  So!! Time then…, to strip trusty’s engine down and, rebuild it .Beats me why it takes so long
Nice Trip through more mountain scenery, Today, beautiful Spanish white villages and towns dotted everywhere; we came through some serious cloud on our decent towards Marbella, and the coast. …We decided to skip Marbella, been here before its too busy and too expensive for our tastes. There are quite a few wilding opportunities here, but not much near the attractions. This is rich mans territory. Some of the yachts in the bay cost as much as 5 million or more. Campers are openly discouraged along the sea front So apart from a quick drive through, wasn’t worth the right turn. So So we turned left at the coast instead of right and were parked up at an Aire of sorts in Mijas.
Large car park with water but no other services we can find. Somebody suggested we should lift a manhole cover that others were using, but I wont do this..most of these are not sewer drains, but are for flood water. We have seen many places closed to campers permanently with this practice,. It is stupid, as these flood drains normally lead to a beach. The rest you can imagine. but needless to say? The locals don’t like it, as I’m sure we wouldn’t either. Along come cops. kick everyone off. No motor home signs go up, the rest is History.
It’s around 500 yards across a foot bridge to the town and beach. Found a nice Laundromat across the road 7 euros wash and dry. So that will do nicely tomorrow. Right from car park to launderette, and straight across the main road to beach via the left exit to car park. Which incidentally, is the entrance as well.
Update on the Laundry Facilities. It’s across the road from Aire and 500 meters on the other side of the Dual carriageway, and to the right once you cross the Blue footbridge. You can drive to it, but not advised in a camper. We did 8 kg of washing and drying for 7.50 euros, Brilliant place clean and efficient. We may stop another day or so.  Hold yer Horses Tone !! We Have just been told its market day tomorrow and we have to go to Police station to register our passports and Trusty to stay here for 48 hours. That would be OK as we planned to stop for a couple of days anyway. Problem is it can take up to 4 hrs to do this. No way !! I could grow a beard by then. So looks like we may be off early then.
14/03 18. 
Still at Mijas. Sure enough Market Day. But all seems OK up to now. Police drove around this morning but no sign of getting out to; warn us, maybe after market closes. 
15/03/1 8
Update. Police went past twice no problem, but be aware!! you must park behind white concrete barriers or get a fine. Market days Wednesday and Saturday. As I said. You are also supposed to go to the town Hall or police station to register your stay.  We did not. It can take a few hours to do this.  I’m 71 now. Might not live to see the permit. Bugger em. we chanced it, as did others, and were OK. Nice place this. besides the huge parking. the town and sea front are very nice, plenty of good bars here. and the Esplanade is very very nice. we lingered a couple of days.
Google Link: Campillos
left Mijas this morning, The police never came back. Pouring down. The Weather is not great at the moment, but its normal for Spain this time of the year. We picked a site off park4night drove 58 miles to it, not so good, very often they are not, so we drove on to our backup, always do two or 3 from our various sources. Park4night being one of them.
We hopped from place to place along the coast, from Campillos looking for some where to wild, but the Police were having one of there purges in this area at the time. They do this now and again. Locals complain, To the Police who,when they get enough , go out and move or fine you, or both. Its not common and often. More often just an instruction to move. A big tip here!!  Do it !! and do it Politely and more or less immediately.
Cops are polite, but will not tolerate huffy arguments. Do it and you will be fine, they may even suggest somewhere else. Dont !! and your going to be out of pocket big time. When this in operation, its a pain. best avoided. Or book into a campsite, which is both expensive and not normally our cup of Tea.Or just move inland 10 miles or so. where you hardly ever get hassle. and to be really blunt. this is where the real Spain is. Its not all hassle in Spain normally its great, but you need to be on the ball with the local news. Never used to be a problem years ago. In the last 18 months camper vans are trucking up in their hundreds on the Costa’s. and the locals are getting fed up of wall to wall campers on the Beach fronts etc. So we opted to move on and found the Gold Mines.
Abandoned Gold Mines. Our next stop
Pitched up here from Park4night.  Circular gravel car park with abandoned Gold mine workings dotted around, quite interesting. Access through a small village half derelict half new. not suitable for very large motor homes . 6/8 meters is OK no services that we can find..some cheap local campsites dotted around, park4night a good site for these. We decided to spend just a day here..not much to see once you have looked at the mining Area, Be aware!! this is a trip hazard/fall hazard area. Also deep mine shafts. No health and safety here, not suitable for anyone with mobility issues.and of course children. Surrounds are ideal for Walkers or people with dogs.
The Coast is away away, about 2k. but good walking paths to it. You can see it quite well from the Mines. I saw a few cars down there with my BI-Nocs, so must be a road to it somewhere, We spent a night Digging for gold..Yup you Guessed it !!! Found nowt but Blisters. Not Really !! After all nobody leaves a gold mine with gold in it. On to Next day we were off to Narcoses campsite. Next morning we coasted about, enjoying the drive down the to here for the night,
 Área Narejos
   Image result for Area Autocaravanas NarejosImage result for Area Autocaravanas Narejos
Nice site 8 euros a night. We are here for a much needed break from the road. We are in the cheap seats. Graveled pitches next to main office along the road, quiet at night. 11 euros with electric, main pitches on tarmac are the more expensive pitches This site is one of the better priced sites in Spain. They do exist. but we have inquired on some site and found the 26 euros and above. Extortion for what they are offering.
This site Has a nice restaurant with a bar, Food is a tad expensive. But the beer isn’t. Not much around the place and nothing to make us linger more than one night. Town is quite extensive, and most of it is too big ,and to far for us to explore..Might do it again, if we do, It will be on a small motorbike, which I am planning to add to Trusty when we get back. Small sea front esplanade, nothing to write home about. Trusty and us spruced up, heading on in the morning. 
google link: camping site