Marbella to Benidorm and Beyond

We left paderne to head straight to spain..its only 50 miles or so from where we were to the Border. Intending to head for a campsite near Marbella on the coast..We crossed to Spain via the Bridge at Castro Marim, and headed for the hills..beautiful day..sunny, wispy clouds and stunning hill scenery…

Great 50 miles further on the way..and Road closed..completely. We dont know why..just was..There were no previous warnings..just rounded  the bend and stop..Had to go back 30 miles and find another way.. So the Aire was not reachable..

After our enforced detour , We ended up here at Campillos, more by necessity than design.

Campillos Aire.

Its quite good. only 5 spaces, but its situated in a large car park. so plenty of room if its full. All services except electric, Which is there but Locked, with signs of long term none use. Nice Town Small enough to walk round. turn left out of the Aire by waste water dump, and its just down the esplanade. Spent a night and moved on.

Next stop. Mijas. 

Stayed two nights, been here before, large aire of sorts, water in the corner by bins no Grey or sewage waste available as of time of writing. Lidl up the road past the foot bridge, good launderette now open over footbridge and 300 meters to the right.

Gaudia civil went past twice no problem, but be aware!! you must park behind white concrete barriers or get a fine.Market days Wednesday and Saturday. You are also supposed to go to the town Hall or police station to register your stay.  We Did not. can take a few hours to do this. Im 71 now. Might not live to see the permit. Bugger em. we chanced it, and were OK.

Abandoned Gold Mines.

Pitched up here from Park4night.  Circular gravel car park with abandoned Gold mine workings dotted around, quite interesting. Access through a small village half derelict half new. not suitable for very large motor homes . 6/8 meters is OK no services that we can find..

The Coast is away away, about 2k. but good walking paths to it. You can see it quite well from the Mines. I saw a few cars down there with my BI-Nocs, so must be a road to it somewhere,

We spent a night Digging for gold..Yup you Guessed it !!! Found nowt but Blisters. Not Really !! After all nobody leaves a gold mine with gold in it. On to

Narejos campsite  

Nice site 8 euros in the cheap seats. Gravelled pitches next to main office along the road, quiet at night. 11 euros with electric, main pitches on tarmac,

 Full when we got here at 3pm..nice restaurant on site with bar, but a tad expensive .Not much around the place and nothing to make us linger more than one night. Small sea front esplanade, nothing to write home about. Trusty and us spruced up, heading on in the morning.

Narejos campsite

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