This may seem like a none traveling site, at the moment. but indeed it is, Brexit has stopped our long haul trips for now, but to be fair, we needed to update Trusty our camper.

nothing set in Stone though.  Just like Trusty’s Travels. It changes as we go.

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Father Christmas on his way Christmas 2020


Well the turmoil in Parliament still goes on. Bring Back Guy Fawkes, I say

I cant remember such a shower of S**t, since John Major or Gordon Brown. or WordPress.

Well its a long time since I updated this, and so much has changed.

Now 2021 October, Were sitting on our boat, and enjoying England again, we decided with all this covid and Brexit rules, plus the 3500/4500miles or more traveling each time, We decided to knock long continental travelling on the head.

Apart from the more or less Sunshine, and myriads of cheap bars, we are not missing it much, and  we prefer Portugal to Spain,  Portugal is on the Atlantic coast, and has the right climate for us. However, Portugal and Spain are both way too hot for us from June till the beginning of September. So, a massive rethink on what we are doing, or going to do. As mentioned above, we now have the boat.

Its been a good summer on the whole. apart from covid, which is a problem, but no where near as bad as the twats handling of it. We had covid in Portugal, and its no fun, I had it bad, but Tee got a mild case luckily. So we have done our bit.  got the jabs, but to be Honest, That’s only so we can travel. Which brings me back to that subject.

We intend to drive to Ireland in 2022, and are looking forward to it. We will do it end of April/May and see how far we can go in a 4 weeks. Starting in Northern Ireland, then cross to Southern Ireland. That’s definitely on the bucket list next year. We have just recently been up to Scotland in Trusty and visited some of the lochs. Brilliant, going back again in summer, to visit for longer. We found Scotland to be a lot better for wilding than England, As I stated before, When it comes to it, England is still in the dark ages with that one, although its starting to get better. Peeps in Scotland (generally) very Friendly.

20th Dec 2020

As we are not going to Change trusty now for trusty2 . we are refitting her inside instead. removing the complete interiour. I built her with a long ways bed and a rear partition, which although it has done us well for 7 years now, we think a cross bed layout would be better. so the build is now on. complete rip out apart from roof and forward cabin

26th Dec 2020

Trustys refit well underway, stated 5 days ago and coming on strong, doing it at the Boat so a little harder, but its good. I wll update the photos and rewrite the build later. But I intend to write the site back up as travelling as soon as we have done Trusty. So untill then, We hope you had a good Christmas, and wish you a Happy new year.

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