From Baynac to Saint-Jean at Abeterre-sur-Dronne.

We left Saint Sylvestre, and the lot river Area, and headed deeper in to France. And to Chateau Baynac, King Richards The Lion Heart’s Castle on the banks of the Dordogne River.

Impressive this one. Very Quiet and peaceful when we were there.

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One of the better Castles and affordable, got a lot of English/French history attached to it. Once the home of Richard the Lionheart We have seen many Castles/Chateaux etc in Franc, some with stunning architecture, But the sheer presence of the stone walls and immensity are well worth a visit..The views from the battlements are stunning, We spent a night in the car park..adequate, but no services of course.Its more like a castle as far as we are concerned. built to keep em out, or in !!

The Underground Church of Saint-Jean at Abeterre-sur-Dronne.

We were chasing our friends Stan and Alison, we new they were here somewhere, so came on this place more by accident than design.

Now this one is Truly stunning, not so much for visual beauty, but for the fact it  entirely carved out of solid rock by Hand Chisels.

You have to stand in it to appreciate the immensity of this task. its an impressively huge subterranean church, hand-hewn out of a rock hillside in the 12th century.

In the main room, two massive columns rise up to a nearly 60-foot-high ceiling. A winding stairway, also hewn out of the rock, allows visitors to climb up through the back wall to passages at the top that provide a beautiful view of the main room through a series of windows and Gallery’s. 

It was originally built to house religious artefacts; and was much bigger, but collapse over the centuries reduced its size.  To the side of the main room is a Roman reliquary that was discovered during the first Crusade. Off the main room is a necropolis containing over 80 sarcophagi.  over the top of it and above ground, is a ruined Crusader Church.

Entrance fee was 6 euros for both of us together with Senior citizens discount..Whoopee, cheap skate strikes again

Some of our pics, and google ref map and link to more info above.

Spent two nights on the Aire car park, by the Dronne  river , Superb. Great place, Quiet, and brilliant weather, 20 degrees in march. services were auto relais, but we did not need them, park4night link below

Note.. We visited many small and beautiful places on this return trip, but because of the data lost. were unable to add them to the site, but luckily most of the best ones are still with us.

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