Traveling Europe In a Self Build Camper Van Trustys 4th Adventure


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Hi all. Once again we’re off to the sun, trying to avoid the worst of winter. And once again this is more a record for us than a world blog. Although we hope you enjoy reading it, and we hope the info contained is useful to you.

Normally we would have been abroad all summer, but this year we decided to Buy an old boat to refurb and live on as both a base, and a home. Thats now done, so were preparing for the next adventure to the sun, starting just before Christmas

The Start

 Well its December the 8th 2019..election is 4 days away..and hopefully we will be on the Ferry before that..Trusty is almost packed, and ready To go.. Boat is also almost ready for lock down..We have already made some great friends.. and they will look after her while we are away..IMG_20191211_102757

Goodby White Cliffs..see you March/April 2020

Left 12th December  from Newhaven-Dieppe. Uneventful crossing, Flat calm luckily..Breakfast on the boat, very good, and £7.50 each.

Off at the other end.. and 20 mins later   Whoops!!IMG_20191211_160411

Bent !! Poor old Trusty

I won’t go into the ins and outs..except to say it was my fault, and too close to car in front..which happened to be French. Anyway no one hurt just a few dents all round..

This picture below,after a makeshift repair to get us going.. (note the rear number plate on the front..Well see how far we get with that, later on.IMG_20191214_100433

Good old gaffa tape, tie straps and wire..and were battered but still going.. Did another 70 miles and found a stop for the night. At this point we realized Trusty was loosing water..looked and looked but just couldn’t find it..only a liter or so every 150 miles but not a nights sleep and decide what to do in the morning.

Aire at Oissel., (park4night) We would not recommend this . only in an emergency..mainly because there are only 2 bays for motor homes..and normally full..but it did us for a night..and no one there in bonus..I would not try it in the warmer months

 49.338001 , 1.092000

Tidy quiet night .. Up , Breakfast sorted and on to next stop..Yup!! we decided to carry on. Another few miles and quicker across France.. were heading for the campsite we use down by the border of Spain and France , at Saint Jean de Lux…With a stop on the way at Harry’s  Place..He won’t be there, but has said we can use the place we normally do..Merry Christmas Harry 

I am not going to document this bit of the trip, as its repetitious..and we have covered it before in the previous blogs..Suffice to say we made saint jean..topping up water as we to Olite in a couple of days..A place we have not been before.. I will be writing more about France on our the weather should be good then. allowing us to meander through it, once again..

Olite Spain.. Sunday 15th December 2019IMG_20191214_143416

Well one word for this Place Amazing!!!  Fairy Tale Place..Old Medieval square..loads of little bars/cafes etc..Monastery is is built in and around it..

There was a Christmas festival rehearsal on the evening we were there.. Now that was amazing as well..we loved it. I not usually impressed with this sort of stuff..too noisy and crowded. but this was neither and very well done..the Christmas lights and decorations were very well done..

Really enjoyed Olite..Now the hard slog over the top to Moncofa around 200 miles or so, water holding out, a liter or so every 1/200 miles..still can’t find the leak, or where its coming from.. one of those perplexing things that is sent to try an old Mechanic..But I’ll sort it eventually.. not going to stop over the I need to be nearer the coast with this problem..nearer civilization. so to speak

This is the first time we have gone this way..and to be fair..its great..not so much of a climb as the other route we use..and much easier over the top..brings you down to the fuss.  then we start meandering down the coast heading for camp Indalo  Near Vera..Almeria,, Where we have decided to Christmas stop..and also to suss Trusty’s water problem.


Moncofa and the Spanish coast to Camping Indalo, Vera and Portugal. Trustys 4th adventure part 2