Well whether you were for it, or against it its coming. This section is not a Political rant !!

Given that nobody seems to know what is going on, we are preparing our own plan. There is talk of a visa system allowing only 3 months out of any 6. for Brits entering Europe by 2020. Which in effect. Means the whole of the Schengen Area. While its doubtful this may be so. If it does come in. It would make long term traveling in a motor home or camper van in the EU very hard.if not impossible.

So on our return to the UK, 2019 . One of the first things I will be doing is, Looking to update Trusty To trusty 2.

We think it will almost break our hearts to let Trusty go. We are looking to put a proper shower and toilet inside  and also, a fixed cross end bed , but as I already stated, we dont want to sleep without being able to stretch full out, and as Trusty 1 is not quite wide enough, we may have to replace her.

Also what to replace her with ?? We are looking at the moment. Transits, Sprinters etc. Not keen on Fiats, Renault. Or Citroen. although they might be a better bet for Continental Travelling. spares wise. If we cant get full free access to the EU. then A transit mk6 will do. some good long wheel base High top Jumbos around for 2 to 4 grand. and have the dimensions we need. And as we will be exploring the UK more if it happens. Ideal.

Our plan,when we get back . Is make the decision on Trusty 1 or Trusty 2. If its Trusty 2 We will buy a suitable van and convert her.  then off to Traveling  again. See what happens with Brexit and plan from there.

None of this is set in stone of course. As we change with the weather, Or at least I do, Teresa is bit more stable than me. But mostly it will happen.

And if We cant long term travel in Europe. We may buy another narrow boat and do it up. some nice ones around for much less than a 15 year old A class camper. Keep Trusty and explore the UK A little more. via Narrow boat and camper.

And Visit India And Thailand in the winter months.  India is 62% cheaper to live in than Britain and around 77% Cheaper than the EU.

The only trouble is Getting Trusty a seat on the plane


nothing set in Stone though.  Just like Trusty’s Travels. It changes as we go.

Update.. Still no positive results from the bunch of Cretins. The Duly elected  mp’s. elected to do for us..So we are booking ferry for around 25th march to get back, before all the Sh** happens. and re group. to sort our onward plans. So more places to add to the map.and Journey so keep an eye on the site. we intend to kick off just after Christmas. Heading a different route through Spain and France on our return.

Update Yes it definite, we are off  1st/2nd week in Jan 2019.. working our way through France and Spain again. on our way back. Looks like a hard Brexit is on the cards, so we did intend  to get to ferries before the S*** hits the fan and there are delays.  We have decided to  bugger Brexit and all the scare mongering from all sides..  and stick around in France when we get there until mid may..

After all we have a camper van. so we can sup tea all day while we wait. and failing wanting to do that. We can ferry hop up and down the coast from Cherbourg to Ostend. well do it

So watch out for our new adventure. And new places to add.

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