Benidorm To The French Border


We passed Benidorm this morning around 10 ish. As I said before, not motor home friendly especially with a trailer. There are numerous possibilities to park motor homes . but we don’t like cities and traffic so Trusty rolled on by.


19/03/18 …We are in Calp. 10 miles past Benidorm. Took a long walk through part of the town to sea front. Liked what we have seen so far, sea front bars and restaurants affordable. Really lovely walk in the summer I would think. its nice now though. around 16 degrees and cloudy. Old roman ruins of fish storage right on the beach.

The big rock in the photo’s. I’m sure it has a name? Its big!!! 1000 feet or more. We saw some people on top, looked like ants. must be a way up, maybe inside tunneled out like Gibraltar. 20/03 /18….We left Calp this morning. Bound for Moncofa Aire..

Well ? Did it again, put shortest route into satnav .Why I do these things baffles me sometimes. We ended up climbing on a very narrow steep road, with Trusty struggling to haul us and the bike and trailer uphill.

Enough is enough, only place to possibly turn, was on a sharp bend with a 500 foot drop at the edge. A view-point. Nothing for it !! Unhitch trailer with Teresa waving traffic down as I did it all, and re- hitch. Smart exit down hill back to point 

Stuck fastest route in. And hey presto ? Flat roads.  The moral of this story is …if you put shortest route in the satnav in Spain, you are defiantly going to end up with mountain climbing. We did it before, but never again. Pictures below of our jaunt into the mountains  before we turned round

2 hour drive or so, 100 miles. Now parked up in a free aire with all services in a place called Moncofa. nice Aire but far from the town and  a long way from the sea. A good chill out place. you need push bikes or a scooter etc to explore the area.

Moncofa Aire Trusty Found A Mate


We will do that next time we pass as we will have a small 125 motorcycle with us. I have my big bike on the trailer behind. but not practical for our  requirements in Spain. Going to spend the night and then push on tomorrow getting closer to the South of France. Tusty found  a friend in a yellow coat. Owner is a Guy named Cev, hope I got that correct ? 

Update on this place. We went for a walk sea is only around half a mile from us after all.Pictures above.  Easy walking distance from the Aire. This whole area looks like it ran out of EU grants, Tower block holiday apartments built or half built. with 2/3 flats I noticed, occupied. Hundreds Absolutely empty. Crazy stuff. The beach is pebbles not sand and deserted.Very nice for dog walking or just a stroll.

22/03/18  Nules.

Arrived here yesterday, from Moncofa. Liking it already .

Rustic type campsite at the rear of a nice bar and restaurant which isn’t pricey. Lots of long stays here who of course have got the best places. Packed in close together, except for the American motor homes who have got a load of space. We are parked  on the gravel side next to one.

The beauty of Trusty is,We look like Travelers so we nearly always get our own space. Great !!. It’s our kind of price, totally free to park. We think its only fair to use the bar seeing as how they provide all this totally free. Waste, and water free. Free Wi- Fi. Although the latter is a bit weak 50 meters from the bar, but we have boosters in Trusty, so not a problem.

We have noticed comings and goings without using the bar. People !! Update !! Its free now but if the owner does not see a small return on his investment. In come the charges, so at least take a coffee at the bar if nothing else.

The Campsite and beach


We are still here at Plaja De Nules on the campsite

Weather is nice, around 18 degrees and sunny  with a slight wind off the sea.Hanging on a few more days while the weather is nice. It’s supposed to break around this Easter weekend, and get wet, so decision time then. We don’t really want to travel at Easter but if the weather is bad, we might as well.

31/03/18 update

Well!! as I mentioned above, we  are still here at Plans De Nules by the sea, and behind a restaurant camping for free. Well almost, we are in their bar most nights and have used the restaurant twice.

The food is excellent. and between  1 and 3.30 weekdays, you can sample the plate of the day menu for 9.90 each, Superb.

It was my birthday bash Yesterday, and I had a great one. In fact better than most I can ever remember. I’m a humbug bah !! birthday person really. but that was brilliant. Thanks to Teresa, Stan, Alison, Eamon, Christine and Teresa. Made my day.120


We have just said good-by to some new friends we have made. Bon Voyage Linda and Dave, Eamon and Chris. we will catch you up again soon.  We left Plaja De Nules This morning. 10.30 am..Loved it but time to move. We pitched up for a night or two, and ended up doing 18 days there. So much for a different place every night, but we needed a swift exit as our beer and food expenditure rocketed to 3 times what we allowed also we needed LPG or GPL gas as its known here.

Off to The aire at Castillion, via a Repsol garage for the Gas..That done, we pitched up at the Aire, managed to secure a place as it gets full up quickly. 

Mixed reviews about this aire, personally I’m not that struck on it. We are crammed in like sardines, its weekend and the Spanish have come out to play. noisy, Loads of youths playing football at 10.30 at night. children’s playground is situated right behind. 

Beach is big and I bet its packed in summer, but as you can see by the pics deserted now.We have never been impressed with this type of parking, free or pay. The upside is free wi-fi waste and water, and our friends Stan and Alison have pitched up.

Never the less the Aire is good for 1 night,if you absolutely have to, it has a 48 hour limit on it anyway. Moving on in the morning, Its unlikely we will come back to this one when we return.

We had a walk round not much for us here unlike Plaja de Nules which we had to tear ourselves away from. We are 180 miles from the french border and getting closer. Weather is holding fine, although a bit cloudy, with some bursts of rain.Its set to get wet over the next few days..according to the forecasts. Oh well! Has to do it sometimes.


Left Castillion this morning for a place to wild called vicaros..50 miles further up the coast, but when we got there any space was to small for Trusty and the trailer. And no mo home and caravan signs up, so we drove on 84 miles further to here at Calafall.

We are going to try to look round the Castle tomorrow morning, if the weather holds. Its 4 euros Adult.and 2.50 old buggers. which is just up my street, also Teresa has aged 15 years over night. If you get my drift..Ahhh!!! Tight bugger I hear you say. Well ? that’s a coffee and a beer in Portugal saved, and as we went 3 times over budget at plaja de nules, every penny counts.

This place seems quiet enough and very pleasant. but I’ll reserve full judgment until the morning. So far we like it .Our sort of place.Small village on a hill overlooking the sea in the distance, easy to get to off the main road and no heavy hauling up big hills for Trusty…

08/04/18 Sunday 9.30 am…Well its tomorrow . We spent a very pleasant night here below Calafall Castle, no noise quiet as a mouse. Brill such a change from Castillion Aire, two other campers present both French. and Friendly enough.

No chance to see around inside of Castle, its pouring down with rain this morning. The rain in Spain has finally found us. So we are off to a place we’ve been recommended, by Alison and Stan, the  Cork Factory car park behind the Aire at Sant Feliu de Guixols. Costa Brava. It’s around 60 miles from there to the French Border.

08/04/18 Sunday 3.30 pm arrived at Saint Feliu de Guixols, the cork factory car park and Aire

It’s behind the Aire, the Aire was full up when we arrived,  cork car park is free, up-till now. the cork factory is no longer open. In fact its also no longer around.The Aire is down a  few steps, so its easy to use the services. We are moving on tomorrow over the border to France.

Note..When we got there. cork carpark has what looks to be height barriers either in the process of being built. or not..Either way this car park for campers might not be available for much longer. If you use it before we do again. please send me a message to let us know the situation. Thanks Tony

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