Almeria to Benidorm

Well its now Sunday 03/02/19

A lot has happened since we left Nerja


Almeria Auditorium camper parking to the right of the building.

Trusty made her way to Almeria, and on a friends recommendation, we pitch up on a car park alongside the Auditorium. Its got no mohome signs .

Around 30 vans or so when we got there. To be fair its not easy to camp in a city. This did the trick. We got away with it for two nights then we left…IMG_20190130_220333

Almeria  ?? What did We think of it ?

Not Much !!

Well if your an ardent reader of our blog. You’ll know by now. I am not a great lover of cities. And it proved to be that…A city. A few dudes surfing. Usual tourist trap restaurants on the front. But the Spanish seemed to like them..we headed for the real Spanish bars, streets behind.IMG-20190129-WA0005

A little walking turns up trumps..some of the best Tapas we’ve had in this one. But streets away from the Spain we like.  Remember folks..this is my opinion..but others may enjoy it dont not go..because I dont like it much..

Next please ??

Cabo De Gato


Great little place this.  Parking facing beach. Not far from the old Guarda Fort.

Blowing a Gail the two nights we were there, but able to get around the town.

It can be very windy here, so be warned, but what a lovely place.IMG_20190130_120440IMG_20190131_145928IMG_20190130_130931 Bars . supermarket. All close by. We stayed the two days and really enjoyed rain but wind to move mountains.. But its normal for this time of year.  We would love to do it again but in better weather. 


We sadly lost Christine and Eamon at this point. Due to a clash of personalities. No blame, attached. Just what it is. Not seeing eye to eye. I have written about so called Holiday romances/acquaintances in another part of the blogs later on, but The situation sometimes calls for a halt..after all the main aim of the game is all have a good time and get on, without conflict and clashes. and to create a long lasting friendship…As we have with Alison and Stan. and a good few others We wish them all the luck .And hope. They have a great trip now, and in the future.

So we decided a camp site was needed for a couple of days chill out.

Camping El Rancho,+Paraje+La+Hoica+s%2Fn,+04140+Carboneras,+Almer%C3%ADa,+Spain/@37.003384,-1.91119,17z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0xd7adc1f8ad98847:0xe4c8e5a9b991b41a

Spent two nights at this great little campsite. Very quaint. 1 toilet and shower combined for whole of the site 25 vans or so..

Very clean piping hot water. Shower cost 1 euro for 5 mins..Camping car and two people. 8 euros a night with free wi fi. Dump, grey and black and water included. Or 11 with electricity. Washing machine 3.50 no dryers. Washing line and pegs alongside.. We would use it again. No problem.IMG_20190201_105551.jpgwe loved it. But others might find it a little too rustic..The town and coast/ seafront. 2.5 k away. Walk-able but we have Lex. Our mo- bike.

Town very nice, small but good bars and restaurants. Shops, all walk-able.

Next onto Mojacar..pronounced, mohaka. Nice. Every thing walk-able. Cafes, Bars. Consum Supermarket all within 300 meters of where we were parked for the night.


Mojacar beach parking.

Another little gem.but pretty open no shade, and windy. It would be great for  summer.If allowed, but hot, and I would think a no, no, in summer. We guess the cops would absolutely not allow summer camper parking overnight here.

Around 15 vans parked with us, peaceful quiet night. Sound of the waves crashing around us..Almost !!. Policia local turned up next day. To advise one of the campers to get a warning triangle plate for his bike rack..said OK to park up.

No problems. Brill. Stopped one night then on to Garrucha 3 k up the road.



Stopping here a couple of days or so..bigger place but quiet, where we are parked, but not so if you park on the quay.  some good Tapas bars 1.50 for Beer and Tapas.. Good value. We found another one up the road doing the same for a Euro..Rubbish, you get what you pay back to tuther tomorrow. We are not far from boat yard with some very interesting boats in. One below looks great doesn’t it?? Old wooden sailing ship ? No!!! Its made of steel, and the wood effect is painted on. Flipping Cheat.

IMG_20190203_114137 Garrucha is a port . got huge ships loading or off loading gravel. From what we can see.


This one British. From London. Taking stone from Spain to Morocco, to be crushed and made into plaster board.

We had a chance meeting today !!!

Hi light of the day..for me.I have been following a guys blog for around 5 years.

He Travels like us, but in a 4 wheel drive Toyota Hi Ace Self build. With his dog Rio. If you want to follow his and Rio’s  Adventures,  the link. Is Below. His name is Chris, it was a pleasure to meet him and Rio. And purely by chance as well.

So that’s all for now until we move. But I may update things in this and the previous pages, so keep an eye out for the deliberate mistakes.

We moved.

We are now sitting on another campsite.. AC Indalo..IMG-20190206-WA0004

Its just outside of Vera Town.  We were moving through Spain to fast. So we decided to stop.

Nice campsite set in Spain’s only desert region. 300 hours of sunshine a year on average, and less rain than anywhere in Spain.IMG-20190207-WA0007

Got it all. And we got a deal..160 euros 30 days..Brilliant. So we are sticking around again..

We don’t want to hit France before at least beginning April, or just a bit after. Going to explore the surrounding areas on Lex our bike. Or trusty, returning to the campsite after each trip.

Popped out today Sunday 10/02/19.. On Lex our moty bike

Revisited a couple of places on the coast. 7k away. We walked them. But you see a lot more, a lot quicker on Lex. We then rode up the coast a bit to villaricos. Looks nice. Plenty of campers parked every where.

There was a street market on, we could not see a way through it to the marina. I’m sure there is, but we didn’t find it. So its a go. For another time

Update on the campsite.


Been here a week or so now..It has its good points and its bad..First the good.

Toilet blocks good. Despite parking sites saying not so good at the bottom..we found them clean and well maintained.. Hot water good.

Washing machines and all other services. Inc clubhouse, good.

The Bad.

Depending how you perceive it. The site is bang on the middle of farmland and hills.Bang being the operative word!!

The farmers use bird scares.

4 of them to date. They pop and bang all day from dawn to dusk..also there is a firing range up the road which is very active from around 3 to 6 pm.and all day sat and sun,  So if you don’t like pops and bangs. Don’t go. But Its not as bad as it sounds..after a bit you don’t here them. Only problem might be if you own nervous dog or dogs.IMG_20190215_171831

All in all a good place. But above all, cheap. .Today only one bird scarer going as they’ve picked most of the produce. But the weather here is the best in Spain..this time of year. And the site plus that makes it worthwhile.

Today. 19/02/19

Moved from campsite for two days to see our friends.. Brill couple of days..

Just spent two days in villaricos about 10 k from campsite. A great time with Alison and Stan…good days drinking in El Gato bar…(the cat)..drinking triple malted red beer. Recommended this if your in the area, its in the main square. You won’t be able to drive to it on Sundays. This is when they hold the street market.. And that’s good.

27/02/19..Left the bang bang campsite, as we call it, early,and lit out down the coast. They decided  to start building a shop next to us, so bang bang, also became, saw saw nail nail nail, so we headed 141 ks, for a campsite we used last year around this time.


Camping los Narejos, near Saint Javier airport.

We came back here because last year we did not have the transport, to explore the town properly.

This time we had the little moty bike. Well campsite was the same. Very good at €7.95 a night, but same old Spanish Air force jets screaming overhead taking off, first thing in the morning, and guess what??? The town was as interesting as watching paint dry.

Area Autocaravanas Narejos
Calle Bergantín, 19, 30710 Los Alcázares, Murcia
968 07 61 85

Soooo!! We stopped I night. For showers and the bar, which is very good, and reasonable at, € 5 for a large glass o red, and a Pint.IMG-20190227-WA0004


Now we are parked on the small cliffs at the end of the prom, in Torreveaja. Its a wilding spot. And so far it seems to be tolerated. Around 15 other here, and talking to some of the owners, confirmed that the police seem tolerate it in winter months.IMG_20190228_113710Trusty’s in there. Zoom in

Plenty to do in the town if you love bars. Very nice beach. With sand!! (Not shown)IMG_20190228_113441

See if we get away with it.

A quiet night..just the sound of the waves, muffled here inside Trusty. Bin men around 6 ish..but that’s normal. Great view this morning. We have decided to stop another night or two.IMG_20190228_211918great night at Durty Nellie’s Irish bar last night. 5 pints o Guinness later. And 5 wines of course, and that’s just Teresa. ….go to push the boat out now and again..

Javea and on