A Quick Zip Across France.

Well, we moved. And what a move..We are in the middle of France. I’ll back track in the next paragraph or two.😎😁
We have decided to jump ahead while the weather is bad. Started raining the day we left Spain, and carried on till yesterday evening here in France. No use sitting in Trusty watching rain tipping down. I have a lot to do to Trusty when I get back to base in the UK, also I hate towing this trailer around with the bike behind. No more of that !!! I have a 125 bike to go on the back on a bike rack, this will free up Trusty to go places we cannot with the trailer on.. So Quicker through France. and get everything ready and shipshape for the return through the North of France, taking in the Somme Battle fields and then on into Italy back through the French Riviera. Spain.then Portugal. Thats the rough guide, but the routes may change, as we go.
Du Midi on a dull day
Last night we spent on an Aire by the Du Midi Canal,.. after filling up with Spanish diesel at the border. We planned on spending a few days on the coast at a caravan park, but the weather broke so we drove to this Aire on the due midi. Just past Carcassonne. Not much to say about it really, dirt patch next to boat by a canal, why they call it an aire I fail to see. Three spaces one taken up by the boat owner.and one by us and the rest with bins..the only plus point is it was dead quiet at night. Apart from that nothing else.
So today Wed 11/04/18 we are at an Aire in Cancon, French village on the way to Bergerac
What a difference to last night. Aire is very good. services a bit basic. Traditional mixed French toilets. Wont be using them then.. but all there. Village at first seemed bland until we walked one street back off the main drag. Wow Medieval back in time !!!.  Teresa insisted we walked all round it, trouble is its built on a bloody hill. Not good !!!!
The village




Torture by Teresa


The Gremlin


12/04/18 Thursday
Our onwards journey today,  brought us to another Aire at Celles-sur-Belle. Pouring with rain when we arrived, but stopped a little for  an hour or so which gave us .time for some pictures and a quick look round. Some kind of. Stately home near where we are parked. Gates were open so Hey Ho, off we go. Not much to see really, It was closed. We took a walk round the gardens, amazing workmanship..Puts Trusty’s window rail lichen to shame.


There is also a very big monastery/ Church. Which we would have Taken a look round the inside, but there was an ongoing, service in progress, and I don’t think they would have welcomed the Devil in with open arms. So I stayed out 😈👿😂😂 


We could not find the official  Aire, but it looks like the car-park opposite the gardens is under construction to create one. Spent a quiet night. Occasionally an odd car went by but other than that … perfect Moving on in the morning.
13/04/18 Friday. Suns up. Brilliant. Found a Cracking place along side some of the largest carp ponds I have ever seen. Perhaps I should call them Lakes. We walked around one of the smaller lakes took an hour..no chance taking on the bigger ones..tooooo much walking, plus a large herd of Wild Bore routing around in the woods, making a hell of a din. Not messing with them !!! Bloody dangerous !! Although a nice pork chop meal came to mind.


I have my rods with me, but no fishing licence for France..and they issue big fines if you are caught without one..Next time maybe?


Spent a great night here, disturbed once by flashing lights outside the camper. Turned out to be night fisherman setting up to fish for Carp. After that perfect, it’s a popular place for walkers and fishing.
14/04/18 Sat
Had a very interesting day-to-day, moved another 100 miles. We tried an air back down the road a few miles, actually 45 to be precise. Looked good on the blurb..no spaces left. Only 8 allowed. Not going to document this place as it’s not worth going. So off we trot to the next one same again..full and next to a main road. Well looks like Friday the 13 the caught us up after all !! As I said we have a lot to do when we get back so we booked the ferry for Monday evening. With that done we then resumed our search for somewhere to stay and found this place.


These pictures are taken leaning against Trusty so you can see, we are right next to the sea. 6 miles from the ferry port at Cherbourg. So far nice. 2nd world war fortifications, gun emplacements, a massive military fort, which you can’t go in, which is a shame. We have had our tea and are settling in for the night. More on this tomorrow.
15/04/18 Sunday 
We have decided to stay until Monday here. It’s not worth moving to another site today as we are only a few stone throws from the Ferry. Raining this morning but still pleasant. Update on the fort and fortifications, you can go into them. But we are not getting wet !! Southern Softies us.


Another good night. Woke up this morning brilliant Sunshine, a few clouds developing, but very nice. We are making Trusty Shipshape for the ferry. Of up the coast to find a waste and water dump. Then off to Ferry for our sailing at 6.30.

                    The End Of The Adventure  Or At Least This One


  Trusty Waiting To Get The Ferry At Cherbourg 16/04/2018  8 weeks planned, but because of the weather we did it in 4.

We Both Hope you have enjoyed our Blog. We have most certainly enjoyed writing it. Trusty’s Happy as well. Keep the Faith and follow us on the next leg. I will document some more of Trusty’s part refit, which is next on the agenda. Then a whole new blog, about our next journey.  Until then keep safe Tony..Teresa..and.. Trusty

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