Cognac and Cars. The Loire

IMG_20190322_15290422/03/2019.   We have meandered through France visiting Anything that looks interesting, but never tried the France Passion Trail. So we popped in to this place on the off chance they would be open in march.

Well, its an eye opener for us. The hospitality, and friendliness of the owners. was more than welcoming. Great People. and 5 star service. We spent one of the most pleasant and peaceful  times of our trips.

The place is a diamond. The former owner was a collector of many antiques, and cars and motorcycles. And has a small but very well orchestrated Museum on site. Some of our pics below.

Unfortunately he was killed in a collision with a bus in Cuba, recently. The present owners are now updating the place, and its both amazing and good.

All in all, well worth the visit.There are no official dumps. but the owners will roll out electricity and supply water, free at the moment. We will revisit, Definitely. We purchased Two bottles of Pineaux, at 16 euros a bottle. best 16 euros we spent. its not a requirement to buy anything, but it had to be done at this quality and price. And superb. we gave one to a good friend and were down to half a bottle left for special occasions, and believe me !! its special . Stayed two nights, and absolutely loved it. and no charge, what so ever, Bonus!!

Saumur 25/03/2019

Following along the Loire River , We came across this Famous Castle/ Chateaux.

The château of Saumur, overlooks the Joining  of the Loire and the Thouet Rivers. It was originally built in the 10th century which makes it one of France’s oldest castles.

Saumur Castle was one of the few fairytale castles in Europe to inspire Walt Disney for his Sleeping Beauty castle.  It was closed when we got there, a lot of renovation work going on, but still Impressive. The Views over the rivers and town below, are Amazing.

A place to Re-Visit when we return

27/03/2019 And finally, the Normandy coat, on our way to the ferry at Dieppe.   The following pics were taken along the not too well documented. but here goes from Memory.


We have been here before, On one of our previous trips.  and we decided to give it another look.

The last time we couldn’t find the Aire, so we did an afternoon and buggered off. This Time we found it, and as usual, absolutely free, and good. a bit cramped the usual 6 inch gap between vans, which we are not keen on, but in these little Aires, is normal. But it is french bank holiday this week. and its situated right along side the kids skate park and playground..Noisy!!

We really do appreciate The French Aires, and given the space in some places, I understand..the close parking. But it Is a pet Hate of mine. Noisy Kids!!The Age gap and tolerance gets wider as I get older. I think the french think we love kids..Nooooo!! at least not me.

Tees tolerant of most every body. Has to be living with me.IMG_20190322_160437

Anyway I digress.. We took a long long walk around the town and surrounding ww2 fortifications and enjoyed it. although if you want to go to the visitor centre and cinema, up the hill, Drive too it. if walking up a very steep incline isn’t your thing. We did both.

Prices in the town were very Keen, 4 euros for a cornet..AHHHH!!  Cheap skate strikes again!! and not for our budget. But we have Trusty stocked and ready to go anywhere. Except for cheap ice cream..Hmmm sort that next Trip..Now Heres a lesson for myself. (Mr Cheapskate.)  We decided obviously, not to stop on the Aire. On the top there is a car park overlooking the whole bay. IMG_20190327_190639and as it was getting near to dark, and our ferry was from Dieppe, midday next day. we took another took a look at it. Well here on starts the lesson, and my comeuppance.  As I mentioned before this place was normally pay. and I dont do it if I can help it.

Arrived. whoopee, ticket booth closed. loads of parking, great.Awning out Brew on, lovely evening. spent a beautiful night. Then!!! 7 am in the morning, bang bang on the van door, Ticket attendant asking for 6 euros..Bummer nobbled . So moral is, (Eventually all cheap skates get caught.)  Vive la France. Were off back to Blighty. hope you enjoyed this blog

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