Trustys Mini Trips

Starting with £100  2 day trip from the Marina in Gloucester to Brecon and on to Newquay (Cardigan bay) and back. The idea is to see how much we can do on this sum. wont include food, as we have to eat where ever we are. (weekly shopping)  but depending on what we do, may include takeaways or pub meal.

Newquay Harbour (West) Cardigan bay.

Wednesday 30th June 2021

We started off from our new base just outside of Gloucester City. Heading for Newquay Wales. Via a place in Brecon, we had been told about

50 quid’s worth of diesel added to the tank, and off we set around 10am. We don’t want to use main roads much on our trips and no Motorways. We find them dull and uninteresting, and sometimes downright dangerous. Did the usual thing for us, which was programming the sat nav. We use Google nowadays, its the best for pre-planning your route. We have a Tom Tom, but find it very limited, and only use it as a back up. So armed with all this, we drove down and through some lovely scenery, via mostly B roads.

Our first stop was just outside Brecon town, to a place that was recommended to us, and is also on park4night.

This Place is run by Powys Council, which is one of the very few campervan friendly councils. The park4night section above will give you all the details, and some other comments on this parking spot.

sorry about quality of images, taken before I realized lense needed cleaning,

Quiet night here, and only one other camper van. Some lovely walks along river paths, a kids play area (luckily no kids in it) not keen on noisy kids at all, but if you have them its a good place for you. Paddle boating in the summer, but closed at the moment, Covid rules I would think. Parking charges, are a bit steep, but its free overnight from 6pm to 8am.


Good place for families with kids, Friendly staff in the cafe. limited food menu. £2.70 for paper cup of instant coffee. (rip off, not good). River walk. large park attached. 15 mins walk to Brecon Town center. large car park for campers. very busy on weekends and school holidays. quiet at night.

Not a place we would frequent much or return to, unless we needed an overnight stop, but bear in mind this is our view of it, and while its not what we want. it may be just the ticket for others.

Thursday 1st July 2021

Left the riverside cafe – car park early, and started on our way to Newquay. again rolling on through Beautiful welsh countryside, and meandering through lovely little towns arriving 79 miles later at around 10 ish.

Newquay Harbour

We headed for the Car park, which we were told was camper van friendly, and £8 for 24 hours. Which indeed it was. Very sloping and jacks mostly needed, although Trusty being shorter, allowed us to find a flat spot at the very top of this car park. The car park is split into 3 sections, and only the top one allows for campervans etc. Very large and plenty of space while we were here (mid week) but according to locals, is packed weekends.

We set up, paid the fee, and had a cuppa. Newquay is built on a hill, its a good down walk from the car park to the harbor, and a very steepish climb back to the car park, its not mountainous though, so don’t panic, fit people who walk would not be bothered by it. We are not in that category, Teresa suffers with her legs and neck, and I am just plain lazy. so that’s where Lex our 125 motorbike comes in. ( One of the most essential mods to Trusty, I ever thought of ) So off she came, and onto the Harbor. found a good place to park the bike, in the lower car park (free) for bikes but charges for everything else. No campers or vans over 3 tons in this car park and impossible to get in even if it were allowed. too tight. no chance for any thing over 5 meters. and they have blocked off the entrance where it might be possible.

Lex loitering free in the bottom car park

We liked Newquay, had a very pleasant day walking the harbor and the lower town, The dolphins appeared late afternoon, to entertain us, brilliant. People on viewing boats paying to see them. but they were very near to us on the harbor wall.. Fish and chips places every where, and vicious Seagulls to accompany them. Prices here are sky high. averaging from £7/8/9 for fish and chips. We know its a seasonal place, but the prices are off putting. Very costly if you have a family day outing. That’s where Trusty and self catering come in. we had steak and all the trimmings for two for less than £7. (good old Lidl) topped off with some cans of cider, Great. The night was dead quiet, and very peaceful.

Over all, a very pleasant little seaside town. but not for us for long stay, as it only needs a day to do it. after that boredom would set in. its a tiny place. A no go for us in summer holidays or weekends. very busy and wall to wall people. week days best. Lots of food outlets, most very expensive, which is prohibitive. Dolphins most every day. Quaint harbor. some good pubs. best nearest one next to upper car park. Recommended for a day trip or overnight stop.

Friday 2nd July 2021

Left Newquay 10 am

We decided to go up to abberarron, 23 miles up the coast. knowing it was not very camper friendly. but when we got there  there were no parking spaces left. so a quick re map and as it was Friday and wet weather was closing in, we decided to head back. call in at Brecon again and have a look at the center.

Arrived Brecon 1pm

After a couple of cuppa stops on the way. we arrived at the town center car park Brecon. £2 for two hours. Very handy for the town center as it backs on to it. Morrison’s car park is next to it and a £1 cheaper, refundable on your purchases, we didn’t see that till after. we paid the council one. No photos of Brecon town center just a couple of the river running through at the outskirts. Its a Town but Tee loves charity shops, and this town has a good few, also a indoor market, which although small was interesting, fish and chips good and around £6. spent almost the two hours, enjoyed it and moved on.

3pm left Brecon to head back, came a cross this on the way about 20 miles before Ross on Wye

Very interesting, part of a trio of Castles built by the same guy. or at least, two designed by him and one he built. so it goes. As this was an along the way find we never new about, it was worth a stop and explore. Glad we did. there appears to be a swimming hole in the river behind, and some people were swimming. The castle is not very big and to be honest done in 45 mins. However its a great spot to picnic or just unwind. car parking is on and around the village green, very limited and not at all large motor home friendly. we just managed to squeeze in our 6 meters. Around 10 parking spaces. (impossable to get in on a hot day and after school and weekends we think)  There are two others Castles not far away as mentioned. We intend to go take a look soon.

Left here around 5 ish and went on To Ross on Wye

Only wanted a tea break and a walk round the town. Plenty of Charity shops here. Tees favorite places.

Been hear lots of times and know it quite well. Camper cars can get away with overnight on the lower road by the river. after 6pm, but beware in very wet times this road can flood heavily.


Kids play Area and grass picnic/ballgames area by the river


A bit of motorhoming fun and experiment as well
£100 cash in the pot at start of trip
Miles covered 267 this round trip (2nights out)
Fuel £55
Food and sundries £8 Coffee, Chips,
Parking fees total £10 (£8- £2)

£28 Left in pot at the finish
Over all a great two day round trip for £72 quid.


Our two day round trip for £72 quid.

(The price of a train ticket anytime return for 2 from Birmingham to Gloucester ) £92 (Scource, the trainline) With no chips !!!!

Score: Train 0% – Trusty 100%

Outbound trip

Retrn trip



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