Home Base And The Boat

Thursday 09/07/2020IMG-20190725-WA0000

Were back and on the Boat. Cant say Im sad, in fact we are happy. The weather is mild and cool..cool being the operative word. 20 degrees and cloudy today.  After all these years travelling abroad, and spending summers in searing heat, its good to be back on good old English soil.

We decided no more searing summers. 35 is just about tolerable but Hot!! but 40 and above is not..ideal temp is around 25 degrees. Which is from Sept to May normally for us.

Combined with this covid crap disruption, and Brexit nowhere near sorted, we  will forgo  massive long trips in the future.


                                         Above: Trusty before the Bump, in France

Trusty’s Bash and Temp repair 

Trusty still hasn’t turned 100.000 miles yet. Lots more life in her (Barring Government legislation)..They always try to get dinosaurs off the road. more and more road tax, and more and more mot rules.

The daft thing is? in our case, due to my diesel mechanical and general knowledge of engines, Trusty shows less emissions on the mot test than Diesel cars, with 30 quid a year road tax !!! .Our road tax is creeping ever so steadily towards 300 quid. Still that’s only around 8 quid a week and worth every penny.

Although Trusty does not need an emission test, (no visible smoke is all that is required). I like to include it, it gives me an idea of how the mods on the engine are performing. 

With the engine mods. I have pushed up the mileage on a run to 40+ to the gallon, so we will keep her for the foreseeable Future. Now 46 thousand miles covered in her to date by us, with a total of 98 thousand miles overall, and no breakdowns.  Apart from  a small bump in Dieppe this trip.

The Marina 


Were in there somewhere

The Marina, from the shots, may seem a bit cramped, but it no worse than Aires, in fact its much better, were in the cheap seats at the far end. That’s where they seem to put the older boats and long stays. They say its because that’s where the 10 meter moorings are. We love it here. good neighbours, Excellent Staff. The shower toilet block literally 50 feet away. Good clean hot showers, Toilets, laundry etc.


So far its been a great experience. We acquired the mooring before we bought the Boat, although we knew we were buying it.

We originally came to the Marina to look at a boat, moored two berths away from where we are. Asking price 5 grand with no inboard engine, its got an outboard at the rear, which has a bush growing out of it. It runs !! he says. My Arse **~~ Says me. so while we were humming and haring over it The boat sales guy, sold it from under our feet..or Keel so to speak. we are so glad he did..the new owner has spent over 5 grand on it to date in a year, and its still a shed..and leaking. 

So! with Voyager on the cards. we phoned the sales guy at the marina back again..Any mooring on the marina, Please.  Ill look into it and ring you back..5 mins later at twenty mins past 1 pm phone rings, sorry No! places left…. OK Thanks says me..Then I got to thinking.   Not a Guy I could Trust after the initial boat fiasco. So called the marina later and asked the people who run it..Yes comes back the reply, we have one left. Great we had it.  went down to pay it, and mentioned that boat salesman said there were none when he asked

.Didn’t ask here she says, and besides we close from I till 2 for lunch.. The moral here? always double check. same when you buy your boat..its surprising what folks will tell you to get a sale, also its  very easy to miss things when the enthusiasm gets a hold. 

Incidentally he has gone, good job !! I cant be doing with these types at all. and it tarnishes the marina companies reputation. Who have turned out to be excellent.

 A really wise decision , calling them, as there is now a two year waiting list for the same type of Mooring.


The Mooring, 1800 quid for a whole in the water, but a great life.Scummy plants now gone Water clear, but as its only 4 feet deep it clouds up if you run your props.  
Our Plans. Or ever changing ones more like !!
I will add new posts on our progress this summer. in and around the marina and short trips in the UK. We have no plans for massive road trips this year. or the Narrow boat cruise around the canals of Britain in Voyager. Next summer well do that if all is well.. Staycation I believe they call it. The New Normal !!!
Dam idiots even knacker the English language.

The link below takes you back to our travel spots and then links back to main page.

  Our Map and main menu


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