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Hi sitting on boat chilling using this new block editor, from WordPress, which is absolutely crap. Supposed to be user friendly, My Ass !! A new tool they have brought out to completely shag their site as far as we the Nubes are concerned. Difficult, if not almost impossible to use. Web Developers and Professors might understand it, but most normal people dont. For Gods sake leave it alone when it works for millions of others.

Severn Estuary at Dusk (Frampton)

Well its time for a different page! Times they are a changing. Some stuff to do on the boat, and Trusty to do for mot, plus some mods as well. Bodywork now over due for repair...

I have knackered my Thumb cutting wood for the boat. So a Lot of that is out for a mo. Shoved it into a circular saw. Visiting hospital 3 time a week, which is a pain (ha ha). Cant do a lot till it heals, which is a pain of a different sort. Were not planning the Waterways trip this year, that we thought we would. Due mainly these covid restrictions, Quarantine etc. There is no way in Hell we want to get involved with all that. Local lock-down shit. Bo Jo and Hand-cock-up, not stay at home Cummings etc, Making a total Cock-up of it all. Time to think again. We cant Do much Travelling in UK in Trusty either for the same reasons, and due to all this, and the total unfriendly nature of the British Authorities towards wild camping. We did after all get the boat to negate some of this.

A bit about boating

Apart from Covid local lock downs, its a bit too late to take boat out onto canal system. Winter setting in. If we do that, it will be next year around April . To do it now means giving up Marina mooring, and taking one of the canal trusts winter moorings wherever we are at the time..not practical at all that one.

There winter moorings are mostly not very user friendly, and cost more than our annual one here. We are trying to work out if keeping the Marina moorings will be practical..and cruise.which although the above makes it look cheaper. In fact ! I dont think it will be if we just cruise. Junking marina moorings will save us 1800 quid a year. and Continuous Cruising will negate a winter mooring form CRT. Its to be thought about.

Going to miss all this. Picture is Portugal in the Alentaje

Boating and Rosie and Jim image.

There are many blogs on the internet, documenting this.So Heres another one.

Be aware that although it looks idyllic it is in fact hard work to live/work continuous cruising on any any rive/ canal system . Especially in winter, although we have not done it yet with this boat. I have done masses of this Travelling style years ago. Ah!! but its changed in that time, you might say. Well yes it has, probably for the worse.

Years ago, 25 to be exact. it was fairly easy to do, even with the impracticability of Finding water, dumping sewage, overstaying. and sometimes aggressive BW staff.( British waterways). Now the CRT.

I had a bad experience with a BW idiot many years ago. Aggressive and threatening behaviour on his part. Good job he could swim!! Dont mess with a scrap-man. Anyway you dont get that much nowadays. and most people are polite including CRT Staff. The rules have change massively, with the advent of Computers, CCTV, Board meetings, committees, etc., The sheer fact that most parts of canal system is heavily controlled, makes it less easy than it used to be.

The Boat licence for instance, used to be for a 55 foot boat then, was around 350 over 2.500 quid. Pounds, to the plum in mouth. so a big difference there alone. I know things have to go up, but it gives you an idea of just how much boating and boating costs have increased.

The boss scraping rough stuff off of hull, before blacking

Add into it, the cost of moorings if you want or need one..and fuel, maintenance, Dryocking, painting, blacking, insurance, license, Boat safety, Breakdowns, and much more,it all mounts up. Not a problem for some with big bank accounts. but this is not about them. its about the every day boaters.You will definitely need some basic skills to do well as enough cash to maintain the life, and the boat. Parking a car while continuous Cruising and jumping it along as you go is both impractical, and almost impossible, most times.

You wont be able to do this with a normal job. unless you work from a pc.or have a trust fund, or in my case and many others, a Pension. The cruising rules make you move every 14 days. and no return to same spot until 20 miles done.(not in one go) but you cant hop back and forwards or return in theory, until you achieve this.

Living abored can be done with a permanent residential mooring. but these are like hens teeth and expensive. and to be honest, the only reason to get one, (if you can) is to be cheaper than the house you lived in, and of course the surroundings.. Marinas normally have time limits on how many days you can stay in a year, Some turn a blind eye to it if you overstay, but its not your right to do it. Local city councils cant really police it, but busy bodies are always too willing to complain. Local Parish Councils are the worst for this.

A couple of weeks ago. this chatty well dressed chappie approached me on the mooring, asking all sorts of questions. Do you live here, etc. Normally we as boaters are a friendly lot. But he sent an alarm bell off in my head. so I challenged him. We normally do this to strangers, (as you never know what their up to.) And people we dont recognise, Politely of course. Do you have a boat moored here, I asked? No he says. just looking around. Sorry sir this is a private marina, and you must have permission to be here, Do you ? No he says.. so asked him to leave.

At which he started blustering, Im a member of the Parish council Blah Blah. Dont care !! says I, leave please. Which he then did.

Blacked, painted, and fitted out, dropping into water last year

Boating and Continuous Cruising, is great in the summer. But winter brings a whole new set of challenges. Ice snow, Rain, wind, yes you say but we all get that.

Totally different with a narrow boat. Some towpaths become almost impassable, with mud, snow ice, all not good when your trying to lug a toilet cassette or a bag of coal to your boat. Iced in canals, well again a pain if you cant boat to a water point. Heating fails, mechanical failure etc.

So ?? all this brings the Rosie and Jim concept into Question. Doesn’t it ??? Not many TV series delve into the neg side.

Finally if you want to to and can accept some or all of this, I recommend it to you. The marina way is the best option for us this year, but next ?? who knows??


Not much going on this week. loads of visits to hospital, for checks and re-dressing my thumb. which is getting better slowly. You never know just how useful they are, until you cant use them. Managed to get on with some of the work on the boat, which is outstanding. Working on finishing the Diesel heater, and its housing. plus some mods to the wiring. Got this off eBay for £71 all in, great bit of kit, keypad knackered up after 27 hours of use over a week. but supplier sorted a replacement pad.

I have decided that the site risks dropping into the boring category. so I am going to shelve it for a while while I decide what we are doing. after all its a site about traveling, and now deteriorating into a diary.


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