BREXIT AND COVID,THE WAY ON FOR TRUSTY PART 2 (Updated Regularly) Part Blog And Part Rant.


Very Latest Updates  and rants. Latest at the bottom           


Friday 29/05/2020

We Finally left little house Alvor, Nigel and Sue, our friends who let us have it for two months, (then it jumped to 5).. Have some bookings at last as Covid seems to be on the wain.  So off to to a campsite, .or sites, depending how we feel. All covered in the main blog, 

As by now, anybody reading part or all of our blog  Knows we are seasoned travellers, covering thousands of  miles and 6 years doing it, mostly all year. Very rarely do we need advise, but we cant know it all..I like to think I do..but her indoors really is the Brain around here.

We have been in Portugal for approx 6 months, this time, 3 awaiting the outcome of Covid 19.. and its effects on Travel. While doing that we went down with the Virus….Flu, Disease Rhinorrhea Common cold Nose, Cold sickness wearing a ...

Teresa had it mildly, Me !! really bad..3 days completely off my feet in bed, two of which I dont remember, Soaked to the skin in sweat, and hallucinating, apparently..but I busted through it, Many have not..apart from these symptoms..

The Cough is the thing I am likely never to forget..coughed so much for so long!! everything in  my body ached took me another 3 weeks to completely shake it all off…no runny nose like normal Flu. And fortunately no breathing difficulty’s, although I put this down to the fact I take Steroid inhalers twice a day..

You might not agree but it worked for me..the cafe/bar we were drinking in mostly all went down with it, some bad, but ho fatalities, but it was before it was known as covid, and called flu,and about 3 weeks before it was announced as a pandemic called covid 19

Anyway I digress…

Alte..Luvin it

               Now !!! i have to write this little Gem 

As i said seasoned travellers are us !! but with the uncertainty of onward travel to get back to UK..which we pretty well thought  we could do. Teresa decided to ask on one of the Facebook sites she follows,,a great source of info from like minded campers. or most !! about travelling back to UK this week, have they done it  and what’s open and what’s a problem, or might be.  . and the response we got back was great..and very helpful..  Except for one..there’s always one !!!..

(Quote)  Perhaps you should have gone to specsavers, like Dominic Cummings before you went there (Unquote)

Well to be fair..after we stopped Laughing..I got to thinking..Who are these people with Narrow minds, no manners and no decency or compassion for their fellow travellers, friends, or anybody in General..

Answer ??  They are the watchers !! people who report you if your milk bottle is not the same as theirs, Report you if your kid doesn’t have the right  school  uniform report you for parking your motorhome more than 5 mins in a beauty spot or you, about just about anything and everything they can get their tiny minds around.. or more likely cant !!


Any way the admin of the site took it down..They have a warning about those type of negative posts.. So guess they didn’t read that bit …ha ah…

And finally..This is not about someone quipping at us..but about Negative comments in general.

Moral ??  if you can’t help, Please shut the F*** up..

Tuesday 16/06/2020

I dont believe for a moment Covid will go away quickly..but Governments will make it appear to do so..especially as now they are Hurting Financially,

Money before Health.. I predicted in a previous blog, that they would try and dig there way out of it, it as soon as Monetary costs became apparent. As i mentioned before.. and if you didn’t see it? We are sticking it out, here at Mikkis place.

IMG-20200608-WA0002Waiting for the covid restrictions to be lifted for travel Border wise,  Going to make a break for UK.We tried two weeks ago and could not get through Spanish/Portuguese Border, (all in the main blog)

We know we can go now..but two weeks total quarantine in our own county, when also coming from a country with one of the best covid containment’s in the world, is not only annoying..but ludicrous

What for !!! the Horse has bolted.. Dumb Asses!!..should have done that back in March..a bit late when over 3 million… people have entered, left, re-entered since then..and 40 thousand plus have departed the planet in the UK alone..

Are these people who make the rules,  real ?? do they really live amongst us?? how can they make such hair brained decisions and stay in there job?? Because they are putting millions out of theirs..and millions more at Risk.

And why are we coming back from such a great place ?? 

We have an unfinished narrow boat to we can Cruise the Waterways of Britain next year.. and start Voyagers first Adventure.

Hope fully after writing this website..I will be able to do it more imforativly. and less well …But I doubt it !!  Although this brexit section is just for that purpose, and a Diary of my thoughts for later..Travelling info and Trustys adventures aside.

Its now Friday the 19/06/2020 Looking at the news, we definitely wont be moving towards UK until mid August. Already dozens of conflicting fake news reports, or just downright poorly sourced, and written..Journalists nowadays, seem to write what they hear without checking any facts whatsoever, or more criminally. Make it up !!!

The BBC Being one of the worst of them.  so watch this space if any of it comes home to you..or if it doesn’t, go and get the PC back from off the lawn were you chucked it in might still work.. TTFN 

Strike that idea mid July. its already too hot to bare so of back to UK 

Well Gripe time again..Remember !! thats what this page is for.


Wednesday  were sitting on a lovely campsite in Normandy waiting to see if we can board  a train with trusty to get back 2 days time. 2 weeks lock down crap is still with us..Crazy..too late…. too late !!! now we have to fill in online forms or we cant get on the train..

Can’t fill it in before 48 hours of your departure..and arrival into UK. another bunch of madness..your passport might not have your address on it, but it sure as hell, is registered with the passport office. they know where you live.

So why all this crap.. They are locking down Leicester, and anywhere else it breaks out..While unlocking other places willy nilly, Gonna need a lot of Keys methinks..

Completed the two forms..and got a Reference number to board the all being well we will be on our way tomorrow night to good of blighty…


Just heard on the news BO JO may be scrapping the 2 weeks quarantine in two weeks time. Ahhhhg !!! Fat Pratt. I voted or helped vote the twat in, thinking he would be the best bet to get Britain out of the EU., but judging by how hes handled this covid crap..Im now worried for the first time, about Britain’s Future.

No !! I dont want us to go back in Either !!.. lets hope he can sort it..better than his track record on Covid. I have never known a Government so Crap at the right decisions.. Oh ? Wait a minute !  Teresa Mays ???

05/08/2020 (update)

Nearly a month since this page was updated. Quite a bit happening to our lives and the UK. First and foremost? were now back on the boat in Gloucestershire Wondering where to go next. in the last 9 days, we spent a week,  , sampling the delights of sunny Cornwall via Minehead in Somerset. and a few days sorting my other Motorbike. Minehead is Minehead..been hundreds of times, good place to bike to from our old address. good Fish and Chips at very reasonable prices. but not on the sea front, walk up high street a couple of hundred yards, sit down/take away chippy..really good.

Mixed feelings about the first part of that ?? (Cornwall) its very scenic and pretty. but the Public rip off prices, are abundant. Spent more on Car parks in the week, Than a week drinking and dining out in Portugal. Virtually no where to park trusty overnight without paying through the  nose..One place in Tintagel we found..

£6 a night in a noisy car park. and one in appledore, which we stayed in..same price, but quiet at night..cracking pub round the corner called the Champ..

So thats that done..No need to do it again !! Pay pay pay everywhere . (Told you this was part rant).. Staycations ?? not likely !!

Id rather spend a week Window shopping with Tee, (and I detest shopping) at least you’d see more and spend less.or bring home something you want. and I can do it on the Lex, our Chinese  Motorbike, or the Honda, our big one. get the pleasure of riding out, and no parking fees.


Not bad for over 21 years old..Ill give her the key of the door soon 

Big bike has been in storage for 3/4 years at bros. Got her out on our return from Jolly Cornwall and spent 3 days fettling her up sorting her out..for MOT.


Found Her !! lost in the Raiders of the last Ark, Barn for 4 years.

I took the time to sort every thing else out on her..Some dash lights had disappeared . On investigation, I found the printed circuits has corroded off the circuit strip, on the instrument/speedo array, so a bit of nifty micro soldering and a few bits of bridging wire.. (over a thousand quid for a new one) job done!!  Pays to be a spendthrift !! Now amongst all the other bits and bobs done, she is ready for MOT. Insured her for £108 ..Bargain..Tax has gone up 28 quid since I last put her on the road. Rip off Britain again !!. So bobbing around on the boat for the moment. We are not going out of the Marina until next year possibly. depends on circumstances..and whether  or not We tear up previous statements and bugger back off to Portugal


Least but not last..??Brexit and covid thoughts.

 Well after all this absolute farce, Not about lives, but more about political careers and face saving, most of it. The Crazy bunch, have now decided that face masks should be worn at all time in shops, buses public transport, and its mandatory. OK!!  In Asda yesterday, most of their store assistants not wearing them. 3 of them walking round together. Stopped and asked them why..Reply ?? Asda are not enforcing it ..

I state my case ..Absolute madness.

Now we all know ( or at least you will now )that the virus can be passed through a mask either way . to you or from you.

“COVID 19 virus particle size is 125 nanometers (0.125 microns); the range is 0.06 microns to .14 microns,” “The  mask filters down to 0.3 microns. So,  masks block few, if any, virions (virus particles).” If you dont believe this ?? check it out yourself on the web.

In other words,  the virus is smaller than the filter on the N95 ( medical mask ) So masks dont work.

So its kinda like putting your pet mouse in the dog kennel, and saying, You wont get out of there.

Home made ones stop nothing at all. So millions being made by big companies, who know they are useless against a virus. BO JO and his crew.. completely ignoring or missing the facts entirely. 

Masks are not about virus, but about stopping anything in your mouth falling or dripping into an open wound/cut/operational surgery. Saliva, false teeth. last nights lunch. etc. all operating theatres, have air conditioned air filterers, the Air filtered many times and scrubbed of virus, nothing to do with the the mask !!

Boris and the numptys must know this !! so whats it all about ???.. Political careers, and also to take peoples minds off thinking about the F***ups they have made in this situation.

Wrong advise,and misdirection from people like Dominick Cummings. Think called literate people in faceless departments, and people with political agenders of their own..

The public generally have very short memories for political clap mislead them in another direction ?? Hey Presto forgot about it..the present one leads them away..This is how spin, and fake news do it.

Ill finish with this last paragraph..

Last year and many previous years, the common flu killed as many and sometimes more people than this virus. Covid 19 . Covid is found in all Flu. So where is the Flu this year ?? ..apparently there cant be any as its not mentioned at all. The government has recently stopped the medical facts being released, due to covid deaths being attributed to other deaths, when infact they were not. (Not a bad as we thought then ???)

This lock down thinking is a farce..all it will do is prolong the Virus life time..infecting and re infecting as they lock down or open up..People in their own imhearant ways, will travel. will seek out loved ones, will not be house bound..constantly. locked in or Released constantly . They will find more and more  ways to do it. Dominick Cummings syndrome.

No police force in existence can effectively police it..And no country can afford the coming financial crashes caused by it..Its an Economic Melt down on a massive scale, about to unrest. and poverty to thousands, perhaps millions. Recessions on a grand scale.

Locking the whole county down  inc borders will not stop the spread. people will re infect others until either they are immune or dead. most will become immune. and millions are already.  And after all this, this year what about the Mutations of the Virus next and future Years..Remember !!  Just one person crossing the Borders, with Exemptions etc..Workers, Drivers, who number in their thousands EU wise..will start it all over again. never mind locking down here in UK

And Finally..If you Want to stop it..Wash your Bloody hands. and dont go out if you have a cough or a cold..put your hand in front of your mouth before you cough or sneeze..

Things Your Grand mother used to teach you..Common Sense. 

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