Trustys Weekly Update Page..Or Not ..

Tuesday  20/05/2020

Covid restrictions easing right back Here in Portugal, so time for a bike ride out on Lex. We decided to take a run today to Paderne, to some of the old cafes and bars we used to frequent. Paderne is around 25 miles from Our current position here in Alvor. A nice ride Through Portimao, Estombar, and Lagoa. then a scenic cross country run through Algoz and tunes to Paderne. There is a much more direct and quicker way along the N125, full of cops, every kind of transport, and boring. We dont own motorcycles to do Boring !!.

Well Plenty of folks about, but the cafes and bars in Paderne are mainly closed. Let me clarify that one ?? Here in Portugal, Bars cannot open yet, but if you have a restaurant and Bar license. you can. and open the bar..Daft Aye ?? but thats the rules. So as the ones we do like were not open or no one in them, we decided to jump to Alte up in the hills, around 7 miles away (if you know the biking shortcuts) and 12 if you of course you have to Drink with suitable ppe on..Ha HAIMG-20200519-WA0001

Great place Alte, all documented in If you use the right Bar/Restaurants, not expensive, and we know them !!


Alte, is situated up in the hills around 12 miles from the coast, Easiest road route to it is the en124.  from Portimao. but dozens of other ways, depending where you are in the Algarve. A beautiful little village . small cobbled street, lots of small bars and restaurants. Small church  hiding in the  narrow streets. There are some great walks along the stream. which eventually cascades into a pool below the cemetery. Alte Portugal: Your Guide on What to Do, Where to Eat and Stay and ...This is where most motor campers free camp. Be aware !! streets are very narrow with tight turns, not navigable by big mo homes, We can just about get through with Trusty, but not really needed. If you park around the cemetery, everything is easy walk-able.

(Note..If you click on the Enlarge map,  Google picks, ignore any picture with large roads, walkways or large modern buildings ) These are not Alte Portugal. 


Praia do Vale da Lama

We decided it would be nice to pop over the other side of the bay from Alvor today..We tried it once before in Trusty a couple of years ago, but peetered out into dust tracks and not very suitable for Trusty..This time its Lex power…

Well interesting and Fun..Including falling off as well..chugged on down said sandy problem for this old biker…took me eye off the ball to look at amazing view, for a fraction of a second, put the front wheel into a soft sand patch, and Hey Presto !! Kissing Ants.. As I said, soft sand, so nobody hurt..more of a slithering chuck off than a crash. so off back for coffee and cake.

Saturday 23/05/2020.

Walks are over..No !!! not worn out..But Just as we get into a rhythm . Bo JO, and the Eu start Sqabaling again..this time a mandatory 2 weeks quarantine for every body enter ing from or to..either britain or France. 

Sort it out you Pratts..People out here dont have the Luxury of expense open bar ,,and sitting around on thier arses, shouting HAW HAW..ORDER ORDER all day.We are for the most part trying our best to get through this debacle, mostly made by Covid, but a good part of the total cock up by them..

So on Sat morning. 30/05/2020 We are making a bolt for UK..before  June 8th, when it hits the fan. 

Off to Evora, then Monsanto, because we have always wanted to see it, stopping at camping alentejo for one night, (maybe)..then across the border between Spain and Portugal. and on across Spain to French border.

We have all the necessary paperwork to get through, we think!! thats the end of this walking blog..and the start of the next Adventure..Trusty 5th..The link below will get you too it..but its not active at the mo, Ill activate it at some point of  our trip through Portugal …  So see you soon all of our one  or two readers..and everybody else ? take care All.

Link to Trustys 5th adventure.


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