Weekly update Page

I have decided to create this page, As reading  down the blogs, you may have already read, may get tedious. I will update it as much as possible so scroll down when you visit, for latest blog by date.

Thursday 14/05/2020

Today I read in the Portuguese resident Newspaper, that Spain is still refusing to let none essential people across the border. which counts us in by the look of it..although Brussels says we can travel, back to our country of residence, the Spanish put there own stamp on it..Looks like Franco, still lives…

So, were still stuck here. Not a bad thing really, sunshine and boredom. an interesting combination. Again singing the praises of our friends  Nigel and Sue. who have  extended our stay in Lovely House Alvor. 

This is a great little place. an ideal  for a holiday in Alvor. Sitting at the top of the old village 100 meters walk to the main front and restaurants, bars etc, about the same to the strip, where it all goes on in the summer, not this one though by the looks of it,IMG_20200302_154859 Link to the house, is at bottom of this page, and in several other blogs on Trustyrustytravels, 

Now as most who have read our blog, will know that we intended to be back in the UK now..around this time. Mainly for Trusty’s MOT. and Crash repairs. Well thats not going to happen. We will have to run back without one. going to check with DVLA, but I have my doubts if they will be helpful or even sympathetic. cant leave her here, so got to do it. No choice in the matter. We have to get back at some time. Loving Alvor and Portugal, as usual, but trusty needs a body overhaul as well as mot. also The  Narrow boat we own will need the bathroom finishing. 

Looks like MOT worries are OK. (not that I was worrying !! )..I keep trusty in tip top Safety and running form. and I am very confident in my mechanical abilities.  (Big Head)                https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020

No walking today, except to the supermarket. weathers a bit unsettled, very warm but Portugal is experiencing some rain when it doesn’t normally occur, As we now are holiday softies, (no getting wet) except in the shower, and that only happens once a year..Or unless Teresa can find a broom she is not flying to push me in with.


So now to get on with life Trapped in the Sun.

More updates tomos..

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