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Wednesday 06/05/2020. Alvor Portugal.

                                         Views from the coastal region Alvor

We are still here in Portugal, in the little house.


Lock-down is being relaxed bit by bit here. Portugal had a tighter grip on it than the UK.  So out and about the last two days, beginning of Freedom again.. we Have been a bit penned up since mid march..so nice to get out and about , Before all this upheaval, we were thinking about walking more. 

Alas as we started to do it..along came Covid etc..but now we have decided to resume our efforts. Not being a strong walker, at 73, (not because I am infirm, but more like downright lazy) And the fact I had to resort to a wood saw to get us both out of the door in the house..never  would have made it otherwise.!!

Its amazing just how much you can put on, sitting doing nowt for nearly 3 months..and comfort eating. So today and yesterday, Walking we did !! yesterday about a mile to ease us fat guys into it..and today 3 miles or a little more, As you can see from the photos, absolutely great.

                                           Above , Looking fairly compact ?? 

              (cheating !! Pulling Gut in !! Cant see her indoors  Hiding in plain sight

Pictures above, are the causeway, and  entrance to the man made . Harbor Alvor and the walks around it to the point, this is as far as you can walk along Alvor Beach east, without swimming the harbor  entrance, which I definitely would not recommend !! rip currents. on Ebb and Neap, both flow almost as fast as you can run..

Saw a Guy out there on our walk, in a wet suit, close to shore line and rocks. Collecting mussels, brave bloke, but stupid, mussels are dirt cheap in the supermarket fish counters, why risk your life to save 7 euros.

The weather is excellent.  nudging 25/30 degrees by 2 pm, yesterday and today…Too hot to walk around in really, so morning is best..


We took a small walk today to help knees wear in. and also up to a Cave where a couple of polish vagabonds live..to see if it was them that have been nicking petty stuff from on and around Trusty where she is parked..

They doss in this cave on the coast, no one home when I got there..but lots of stuff in it..most of it not theirs by the look of it. However, I could not see anything of ours..but to be fair its a mess inside there. I will keep my eye on it, when they are out begging in the day. and pounce when time is right.

Pictures above from this short walk, and just above the cave these guys live in..wonder if they dumped the rubbish?  Warm day. but overcast..walking paths go for miles. We will be doing some more tomorrow. We been over some of it last year. not sure who owns all this land, various fallen down cassas  on it.  eventually goes to N125 main road after a couple of miles as the crow fly’s. But 5 by road.

Sunday 10/05/2020

No walking today..I have enlisted the help of a friend here, to help me clean down some walls in the yard here, and paint them. As the owners wont take anything for our enforced stay. We will do it this way..got other jobs to do..fix doors, and loose hinges,,etc, so rambling had stopped for today and Monday, and resumes Tuesday if we get the jobs done,

Oops, !! raining !! guess painting is off, as well as walking..

Monday 11/05/ 2020

I found the wheel cover which I thought the Polish vagabonds had nicked, jammed under van in the middle. So apologies to the them, but they should give back all the other stuff. Which is obviously not theirs.

Trustys 5th Adventure Alvor to Monsanto Portugal. Spain and France. and back to the UK




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