Sunset at the Fishermans Rest Alvor


Well !!! Trustys latest adventure has taken a right turn of events…Covid-19..has seen to that. We were due to leave  Monday 16/march/2020, ..spend a few days in the hills at our friends sort a website for them, as a thank you for letting us have this little house for nearly 3 months. Then on to Spain to see the Tall ships In Huelva..and on…

Well with the french and spanish virtually closing the border, and making travel almost impossible..thats out the window…so off to the hills, as I said. Now we are not sure. The plan was to meander through spain and france. and get back end of April..but looks like its going to be much longer now….Dont get me wrong..we would rather be locked down in the sun, here. Than England peeing down with rain..

Trustys MOT runs out at the end of looks like we will be traveling back with no mot..or tax as well if they suss it..we pay the road tax by direct debit..depends whether their Computers flag the MOT is out..Ah well !! no to get her back..cant pack her in a suitcase…so Drive we will. When we can..!!! 


Portugal closed the border with Spain this No go for us..Thats the bad part..But the silver lining ?? our friends have extended the house let to us..Whoopeeee.. quarantined in the Sun..although its set to rain next week

Thursday 19/03/2020

It Was Whoopee, until this morning and Portugal’s emergency lock down measures. Everything liesurable locked down..only essential services and food, not.  Street ban unless going to any of these. So in the Sun, but can’t take much advantage of it.

Beach, closed. all that free space with normally no one on it this time of the years, closed !! but you can stand in a supermarket quew  50 strong next to each other…Bloody Madness. Campervan Aire locked down. you can’t leave, or enter with your camper van..but you can walk out to supermarkets can use your motorcycle or scooter to do this..So obviously  your camper must have the Virus..More madness.

Where ok as we have ours parked outside the house here. The supermarket is within walking distance..So is the one near the Aire I might add.  Just been out to the van outside the house..GNR cop standing by it bollocking lorry driver for going down one way street..{no fine though}..

Asked him about free movement..Answer was >.. you can walk a little around your roads for exercise and you can walk to supermarkets or services of any can use your motorcycle to do that as well..but make sure you take all documents with you as there are many road blocks..within this area..pubs closed so no go there…a nice friendly cop..GNR can be fierce..but 50 times better mannered than the Guard in Spain.and fairer

Ah well !! We have the roof terrace, so we can still see the nice places we cant walk !!

Tuesday 24th March 2020   

A few days on under lockdown..Supermarkets not crowded..queuing s  has almost  disappeared..(there was never any stampedes or shelf stripping here)

Sunny  and nice..with a few scattered clouds..Weather slowly getting warmer day by day..   A few people about walking in no more than twos..observing the rules..  Pepes helping the older folks..Its a breath of fresh Air, compared to the scenes I have seen in the news from the UK…Problem with sorting out the Fake  From the real !!!..But my Children report what is really happening.   And its Sad to say the least..

So glad were locked down here, but to be absolutely  Transparent on that statement. We have a House here which our friends own..With Trusty parked no problem..and what a blessing in these times its been. 

Link Here

On that Note ..The Council (camera)  Have ordered all camper/motorhomes to leave the Aire down in the town..They are instructed to be gone by this friday..27th march..With me singing the praise of the portugues..this is daft..absolutely DAFT !!..

Most of them have been here for they are chucking them out with instructions to go to the campsite or return home.. Neither of which they can do..Borders shut, no travel..although I believe its possible to cross if you are returning to the UK..trouble is? You have to show a ferry ticket..and the Ferries are not Running !!!. Plus the campsites wont let you in either..Cops on all main roads checking every few miles or so why and what your doing..(haven’t seen any here in Alvor). and spain and France would be a nightmare.

So !! Madness abounds again..If your a mo-homer.. then you’ll understand the complexities of this type of life. You need a Place to dump your waste products, fill with water, park safely  Get gas,  and many other things that house owners dont have to do.. Where are you going to dump black waste ??? the grey can go down any drain..but not the black….Well see. Most but not all campers are environmentally friendly..,  after all if your stuck on the side of the road..or in a street because they have turfed you off a perfectly good campsite, where you were safe both to yourselves and Jo public..and where is the Shit going to go ??

Friday 27th march

Well most of the Happy, or very unhappy campers have left the Aire at Alvor, picture below shows only 15 left out of around 80..The Council (Camera) have now decided that if you are a resident..and in your van..full time, you can stay..I dont know how many in the Photo below, of the 15 have this..but as I know someone who is on the site who has, I will find out in the next day or so.

Aire in the distance.. (zoom in) today 27/03/20

Alvor Town is virtually Deserted, But you are allowed to walk in twos and shop, fuel etc..No Police around in days..but people here not flouting the rules. I know where Id rather be, on lockdown..and it is not the UK..So guess we were lucky when all this broke out..Yes !! were stuck, and for many its a biggy, but for us..Not!! Or at least not Yet !!

                        Today 27/03/2020 Friday..Alvor at 1pm..afternoon deserted..

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