Trustys 5th Adventure. 2020 (Alvor)

29th Feb 2020.

Delayed!! Alvor  

Well here we still are, sitting in a little House Kindly donated for a few months from our good friends Nigel and Sue. And what a cracking little place it is..

The main page blog has a link amd blog to their facebook page to rent this Great great little house.

Alvor Feb 2020

We were due to get back on the road today,  29/02/2020 but they offered us some extra time..In lovely House Alvor.  Seeing as how we are in no rush to get back to UK before end of  April or even longer, we took it. Plan was to get to France as late as possible. to catch some good weather to explore more, and  Spain as well.  Spain will be good weather wise normally, but France can always be iffy, and a weather lottery.

So The Virus!!! well you know I have to mention it !!  were as worried or not worried as anyone else..But Virus and flu come round every year .

Hopefully we won’t get it..two weeks ago I had a tremendous bout of Flu and it put me in my bed for 3 days here in Portugal..Hallucinations as well..

Dreamed I was Washing up, sweeping house, stopped drinking. cleared up after me..showering every day.and all sorts of horrible things..

Hopefully us and tens of  millions of people wont get it..and I have every sympathy for those that do…

As it spreads and the globe panics, we may see border closures, and the like.. If that happens?? We guess we’ll just have to stop here in the Sun. and that’s going to be hard..Ha Ha..

Alvor beach Feb 2020

Well, as this is supposed to be a Travel Blog: and not a prophesy of gloom and doom. and the fact that we are not traveling at the present..I have decided to document some of the places around Alvor to see and do..until we get back on the road..

Alvor…Well to be fair, I didn’t want to document it I know if I do, its going to be full of motor homes wall to wall.. Too Late !!! took a walk down to the football club, near the beach..which is where they all park..Rammed!! so looks like the secret is out.

Wave been coming here 6 years ..but the amount of motor homes is growing every year, to epidemic proportions..not just here but everywhere ,Spain as well, although they are less tolerant than the Portuguese over motor homes..There is a massive influx of French ones, especially.

The Aire entrance Alvor..evening 28/02/2020 Not the best of pictures, but believe me!! its rammend

The Aire at Alvor. (can be found on my map above)  was created a few years ago by the Camera, (council)  and its a welcome, but rudimentary affair..basically a sand based flat open space surrounded by two roads, on the edge, and next to the football fields and sports center. fine if you like Sardines, or emulating them..but very boggy and nasty when wet. some over spill spaces around, it    The Aire has services which open 9am and close 7pm..Thats to stop people in the surrounding  wild spots dumping free.Although You can dump for a euro..if your not stopping or parked around it..4.50 euros a night until season..then 7..for a couple of month. July and August..but hot then !! at this time of writing..

The GNR up to now..tolerate parking in the unofficial side spots,  in winter months..

The beach is astounding and long..just over the dunes from the Aire. runs for a mile or more each way..

There are boardwalks to it and alongside well as all over the and around the headland..  A beautiful peaceful place to walk..alongside joggers and walkers cyclists motor traffic whatsoever

The Town

 Alvor is a fishing village still, but not as busy as it used to be..but Fishing boats of all sizes use the Harbor and unload at the fisherman’s huts..It boasts some of the best fish restaurants around. as well as many many small bars. both Portuguese and Tourist Bars, although we tend to look and drink in Portuguese bars, Far better value for money.. then others are upmarket but very good.



Some of the best eating in the Algarve in this tiny high quality reasonable prices..much less than you will pay in Albufeira, Villamors etc. all within easy walking distance of each other. The above is mid pricing, and the pic below is the inside of The Chinese Restaurant  The Gran Muralha

Pricing here is from around 5.50 a dish. with spin plates with 4/6 dishes in them from 25 euros. We have used this place so many times in 6 years, We’ve lost a few bad reports on TripAdvisor..cant see why..perhaps these people expected a free trip to China with their meal as well..BET THEY DON’T WANT IT NOW!!  Never ever had a bad meal, or even close to it..

The Strip

The narrow section running straight through the center of the Village. which is higher up than the beach front or fisherman’s huts..these pics are at 12 o’clock at night  26th Feb you can see deserted..everything in Alvor this time of the year shuts down around 12 pm.

Off this are many side streets either running down to the Harbor, or the other side running down to the town below..Taxi ranks, bars Intermarche etc.some of them have the most liveliest bars in them, also the most expensive..pick and choose, which you want.

Overall, We find Alvor the best place for us in the whole of the Algarve. its got everything we want..including peace and quiet at night. We would recommend it to anyone, camper, flyer, package etc..whoever wants a decent all in holiday in a Traditional Portuguese Town..Just one word of warning.. Give it a miss in High Season, it all does most of Portugal around the coasts..

Sunset at the Fisherman’s Hut Alvor


Well !!! Trusty’s latest adventure has taken a right turn of events

Covid-19..has seen to that. We were due to leave this Monday 16/march/2020, Which we still are..spend a few days in the hills at our friends sort a website for them, as a thank you for letting us have this little house for nearly 3 months. Then on to Spain to see the Tall ships In Huelva..and on…

Well with the french and Spanish virtually closing the border, and making travel almost impossible..that’s out the window…so off to the hills, as I said. then we are not sure. The plan was to meander through Spain and France. and get back end of April..but looks like its going to be much longer now…. Dont get me wrong..we would rather be locked down in the sun, here. Than England peeing down with rain..But Trusty’s MOT runs out at the end of looks like we will be traveling back with no mot..or tax as well if they suss it..we pay the road tax by direct debit..depends whether their Computers flag the MOT is out..Ah well !! no to get her back..cant pack her in a suitcase…so Drive we will. When we can..!!! 

UPDATE today 16/03/2020   Portugal closed the border with Spain this No go for us..Thats the bad part..But the silver lining ?? our friends have extended the house let to us..Whoopee.. quarantined in the Sun..although its set to rain next week

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