Javea And On

We left Torroveaja, and made our way to the Brit warehouse near Benidorm. In villa Joiosa  picked up a few supplies. At slightly inflated prices, but that’s OK, as they have to transport it a couple of thousand miles, and you can’t get most of it in Spain. But the breakfast, is stupendous. We had two full English breakfasts, one standard, and one large. € 6 for the two. Bargain !!

Moved on from there, gave Benidorm a closer look, still don’t fancy it and moved on.

Next Calp. We’ve been to Calp before, but its virtually shut off to wild camping now. The Guardia Civil. ( cops) are hounding you out, and into campsites, that would be OK, if they weren’t Full !!!.  So we moved on to Javeia.IMG_20190305_180555

Now this is a nice place. A bit overcast when the above picture was taken, evening time as well.

It  is pleasant. Got about everything, and parked where we are, 300 meters to esplanade, its all within easy walking distance. Parked on an old cart racing track. Disused now. But it is private land still, and it seems the cops are not to bothered about us being here at the moment.IMG_20190307_094636

Were told,  this spot is earmarked for development, and indeed, 2 week’s ago, they drilled test holes on it. So We figure it won’t be here next year. And that’s a shame.

Our friends, Alison, Stan, and nutmeg are here. Brill !! More happy times. They were ahead of us last week, but we have caught them up.IMG-20190303-WA0000Stan and Alison.IMG-20190225-WA0002Nutmeg.

Scallops restaurant is literally across the road. Cheap and awesome, just about describes the place. We had a 3 course meal, and it was superb, with a bottle of wine each. 4 of us and coffees after, a free breakfast voucher each for the next day. €15 each. Can’t fault it.IMG_20190303_130006

Old Roman Workings On The Beach

Tomorrow, we intend to take full advantage of the breakfast. And Tuesday the cod and chips, old habit’s die hard!!.

Well we took advantage of the breakfast, can’t fault it, free and good. Extras are a euro each, steep that !! But as its free not a problem. Tea, coffee, toast, black-pud, are all extras. 

The fish and chips was huge, and good. And Apple Pie and Ice Cream to follow. All for a modest €5.95. EachIMG_20190305_161336

Yum Yum, first fish and chips for a year.

Today 05/03/19 .

The weather went from super sunny and then to overcast, then backwards and forwards all day. But warm still

Alison, Stan, and Nutmeg, left today, for Gandia, 20k, up the road, Guess I talked their heads off again..Te Hee  We went for a walk down part of the prom.

Loads of bars ranging from reasonable to expensive

Some very cheap and cheerful if you stay off the prom and get onto the back streets


Leaving Javea Aire today. Its been a nice stay..town is very pleasant, and interesting, but my itchy travelling feet are calling, And after our free breakfast. (God old scallops) We are making our way to Moncofa 78 miles further north.. Then we will sit and plan which way to go from there.IMG_20190307_162322The bar not far from Moncofa Aire.

We pitched up at Moncofa 07/03/19. Whoopee, Stan and Alison there.  Another excuse for a bar visit..

Pitched up here last year, and we thought it was a bit bleak.. And indeed the placement of the Aire is. But once you get your bearings, there is a lot to see and do in the town. We stopped two nights and moved on. Sadly we are going different ways to Stan and Alison. And we all parted this morning 09/03/19 Saturday. We Headed for Benicassim, and they went for. Castillion.  Next page The Turnaround now to Zaragoza.


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