Trusty Rusty The Journey Begins. Trustys First Adventure

Hi Thanks for joining us


Please accept our apologies  for the crappy adverts now on this blog..but beggars can’t be choosers..the site is free!! so WordPress are free to bung on their crap, we used to pay for it, but it wasn’t much better.

Welcome, The Journey Begins

 We decided to open and write a website during our first trip into the beyond, and at the time, At Paderne.


The our map link below will give you a map of our stops with prices, descriptions,accurate as possible.

Our map.

Key to balloons

Red….First trip back from Portugal to UK

Dark blue…Our second trip UK to Portugal

Light blue…. our third trip from Portugal to UK

Orange…. Will be our next trip

Yellow…. either fuel or food

We decided after our first trip out in Trusty, our camper, that we would like to document out travels. so here we go !! ..’

Sitting in the sun sipping beer and wine..and putting our travels down on the website. both for our record,  and  for other people to enjoy, or maybe think about doing..


Paderne. Town and Aire.. The start of the Blog …LINK