The Travels Of Trusty Rusty. Our Second Adventure

The Second Trip This Year

A record of  our Adventures Traveling  on the road. And what its possible to do on practically almost, nothing, and thoroughly enjoy it .

After  a 3 month return to England. For Trusty’s Annual Hospital check up. (MOT)  

We normally spend around a month To sort Trusty and re-stock etc Then kick off around the end of April, 

Mainly due to to the wedding of my son, and of course my new Daughter in Law in August. We had to stay longer, and now we are off again.  

Trusty is  ready. The new adventure has started. Ferry from Dover to Calais, and on to the Somme Battlefields. On down ,through the center of France making our way towards the Spanish Border at Biarritz. Then hugging, the coast of Spain through, the Basque country, and on to the top of Portugal.

Following Portugal’s West coast down to Sagress, and then following the Algarve coast, back to Paderne where we started  in March 18. This is the plan but it may change along the way

6.35 pm 4th August. So long UK for now.

 On the Boat from Dover. Trusty and us. On the start of the Trip. We managed to get an earlier its going to be light in Calais when we Dock. Had A great day on Friday we all went to my Sons wedding.

Took the Dover Calais rout this time on P&O Ferries, because the wedding was halfway to Dover. We also want to visit the Somme WWI Battlefields. So it worked out well for us.

P&O ferries ? Large less rolley than the smaller Brittany Ferries from Poole, our normal rout, so less problems with seasickness, which I can suffer now and again. Pros; Its cheaper and a shorter crossing. Cons; It’s More scruffy.

l find The Brittany Ferries much cleaner, but only on this one for an hour and a half.

£89. So around £60 quid cheaper than Poole crossing.. But if you need to cross France to Spain and you live in the south west. Then the extra from Poole to Cherbourg, is worth it as it cuts out around 550 miles for us. 

But Now it Begins.

Picked an Aire just 15 miles from Calais Hope its not full. Its the French holidays. And most everything shuts down for the month. Well that’s the French, they don’t rush much.


It never was an Aire. my fault for including it here.

Arrived at the Aire. 7.30 pm 4th August. 15 miles from Calais. Beautiful little chapel. Not an aire after all But you can stay if you put a euro or two in the box for St Therese . Well ?? its Lovely. Alongside a babbling Brooke and Quiet as a Ghost.

Woke up this morning, to the sounds of trickling water and ooo ooos, ( ring neck doves) I’d like to ring their necks too. I love Birds, but why do these things have the most annoying call of all. Its a personal opinion folks, no doubt thousands think they are adorable. Anyway less banging on about pigeons and more about this place.

It’s not an Aire. Just a gravel car park by a Chapel, its very small. but accessible to most campers.  Trusty fits OK. We have the place to ourselves. Not seen a soul so far, apart from Saint Therese. I hope she don’t mind the pun. Very pretty an immaculately kept.

There is water if you ask. But no other services.

Off after breakfast towards the Somme, heading for Vimy Ridge. Leaving around

Next Page The new Trip. Somme Battlefields to Route 66 Hotel and Beyond


    1. Hi Steve..we normally are away on the road for around 11.5 month’s of the year. With a 2/3 week back in Uk to sort MOT etc..then off everyone travelling on a more permanent basis. We are waiting to see what Brexit does..and if its all good. Off to France. Italy. And poss Greece in 2019..keep safe Tony

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  1. Hi Guys. That would have been great. But we are now sitting in Portugal in the Algarve villa sitting for a couple of months.. but keep following, and when were near each other. well do it. Cold beer and a wine on. All the best Tony and Teresa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bon Voyage! it was good catching up with you both and hope to see you soon. Keep us updated on your travels and a few more pics.

    Have another fantastic adventure


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