Trusty’s Third Adventure. On Our Way Back To UK Jan 2019

Peniscola Bay

Well we finally got off yesterday 9th Jan 2019..said good by to our friends as they and we departed their villa..So a quick check of lights fluids etc..Teresa was fine. So attention to Trusty. What’s this !!!? Brake fluid down. Quick shufty underneath. Hey presto..leaking rear wheel cylinder. So off to Loule to our friends Rob and Claire. Great peeps. Borrowed the drive. Claire and I ran around to find the part..found it just outside of Faro..13 quid.

Took me an hour to fix ..Trusty as good as new. Indian Curry takeaway on the eve and a beer in a local bar..back to their place to consume wine and curry..ahhhh its a hard life. Stopped overnight, pushed off for Spain today.

Arrived Castro Marin 10.30 am.. Its been a wearing out breaking month for us. The fridge decided to pack up, as did the engine battery and brake cylinder.But the single Main annoying thing is, PC went bang so doing the website on the phone. So please excuse, it maybe a bit bland till I can sort the pictures..everything else except the fridge and that. I fixed.

We are off to Ayamonte in an hour to get our first Spanish diesel..then hopefully El Rocio on the way to the Spanish Coast.. Castro Marin packed. Never seen it as to Ayamonte Filled up with cheap diesel at Ayamonte, then arrived at El Rocio at 3 pm..


El Rocio. Amazing place.

El Rocio Church

 IMG_20190110_145134.jpg Zoom in on this one. The Alter is Stunning IMG_20190110_151930.jpg IMG_20190110_144517.jpg IMG_20190110_151720.jpg All that’s missing is the cowboys . Church is stunning. No pictures allowed inside. Hey slipped in .. We really enjoyed our day here. And are now settled down next to police station for the night.

Well we are into our third day. Its been eventful already.. Left El Rocio. Yesterday morning, as I said amazing place, its small and easy to walk round. So easily done in a day.

No camping cars over night on main square or in town centre itself. Its a tow-away zone. But you can park for 12 hours max with I euro ticket. But its better to cross the road and park by the policia local. And stay 24 for free. No services though.

Bar all most next to it same side. Does plate of the day for 9 euros. And the beers good. We had a great day here, but next time we’ll spend longer.

Next we decided to head for an aire we had heard of 50 miles further on. LA Puebla De Cazalla Has all services, free showers and electric. Its everything they say it is. But the town itself, we found dull. The aire from the town. Zoom in




 37.224998 , -5.304700  

Moving on…So a quick search on search for sites UK. Revealed a pitch by a flamingo lake. Also another 50 miles further on.

Its a no go for most campers. Blog says good road ?? Well it is if you own an Army tank…bloody rubbish..rough, rutted so deep in places, if you dropped a wheel in one you’d have trouble getting out… Might be a better access, but we did not find it

Trusty’s a tough old bird. But even she protested. So a quick turn round after a kilometre of it and back to main road. To resume journey Now where too????!!! Its 4 o’clock in the eve.

Well nothing on park 4 night or anywhere near we wanted to try with dusk coming on. So went for bust. Put in co ords for a place in Benaulmadena on the coast 80 k and went for it.


36°35’40.5″N 4°31’51.4″W’40.5%22N+4%C2%B031’51.4%22W/@36.594577,-4.53094,15z

Got there at 6.30 pm. Rounded the corner,sat nav saying you have reached your destination. Only 1 other camper parked up..hey ho, Hold yer horses. We recognised it. Its our friends Christine and Eamon. Who we were going to meet the next day.. img_20190111_223923 Now parked up in Torremolinos. Horrendous night in Benalmadena,but more about that tomorrow..

Its tomorrow 13th sun. About the night in Benaulmadena. We pitch up at the top of the park. Quite, or seemed so at least. Had some supper and went to bed around 11.30.. All good until around 4 am.

Thenceforward a cockerel started. Well not too bad you say?? I’d agree. If it did not sound like one hundred cockerel’s… Well it was !!!!!

Turns out the park which is also an animal sanctuary has well over 100 of these blighters. And most of them sat around our camper just inside the fence..never heard a din like next day..we walked round the park.. Some nice cheap coffee stalls in it, and tons of animals, including all these bloody cockerel’s.

They seemed to keep a fair distance from me. Must have guessed what was on my mind !!!!!! A nice place to visit if you have Children, Or a Shotgun !!!!!!

Anyway mid after noon we lit out for Torremolinos, where we are now. img-20190112-wa0004 14/Feb Still sitting at Torramolinos. Same place..had a troop round it on the motybike. Usual Spanish resort catering for Brits. We love to visit these places in the camper.. No pressure to leave a hotel room and do the sea front as many times you can, before the flight home in a week. img_20190113_182855 The beach in Jan. We tootle around on the bike and explore deeper than you would on a package. Trusty is parked on a gravel car park

car park which is facing the sea. Slightly under the flight path to Malaga airport.. Plane noise is minimal. And its dead quite at night.

Christine and Eamon still with us, good night supping wine and beer and them listening to all my crap..he he. Anyway it looks like a convoy is on tomos to Torrox Costa. Up the road about 70 miles.

We are off to meet some more motor-home friends. Surprise visit. Unless they read this. Torrox Costa R Us….

Pitched up around 12 ish midday. Looks good. Dirt gravel car park 200 meters from sea. Alison and Stan were there. Great to see them again..and of course Nutmeg their Jack Russell. Christine and Eamon pulled in a couple of hours later.1547562760797430268674 img_20190115_165737 img_20190115_165934 Going to stick around Torrox for a few days. Our other friends Stan and Alison are here, so a bit of pub crawling is on the cards we think. Good to catch up..Christine’s birthday is coming up. So more beer. img_20190116_181315 img_20190116_173808 22/01/2019 Our friends Christine and Eamon. Left today..after her birthday. And a good one it was..for us.

Before they left .Eamon did a slap up 3 course meal for 6 in a tiny camper van. Well not as Tiny as Trusty, but Well done that man. Superbly orchestrated.

Our other friends.Alison and Stan, and Nutmeg Are still here. We are all Thinking of moving on very soon, so watch this space.

23/01 Blowing a gale this morning and last night. But not cold. A weird micro climate here in Torrox. Sea at the front and mountain behind. So hot air from coast keeps bad weather back. But the mountains seemed to have won today.  


24/01 Left Torrox. Today. Still blowing a gale but warm. 5 miles down road to Nerja. Wow!! no wind and scorchio in the sun.


Walked into Nerja via beach. 1.5 miles. And then back. Beer in bar at start and finish…sorted.  First impression, we like this place. Camping ground is free and basic..and because its way back from the town. Not to crowded. No services but water And bins on beach 50 meters from us. But nearer if you can park there. Bike out tomos for a more in depth reccey. PS..We have heard the police move you on from here. but we had no problems in late jan 

Took a in depth reccey with bike. In Nerja..nice town. Endless one way narrow streets, like a maze

 Good on bike. But you’d never want to try it with a camper. Found our way to the balcon De Europe. Its OK. But as I’m not normally stunned by much..I’ll leave it at OK..Far more impressive for me. Was the church slightly to the left of the Balcon.img_20190125_133110img_20190125_133346above..Balcony De Europe. Views both ways..

Below…the Church.



Almeria to Benidorm




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