Trustys Third Adventure Resumed

As I have mentioned in the newish posts on the site, We lost both phones, due to a faulty charger. and the PC went bang. but to be fair, it served me well for 8 years. So writing this from notes, Photos, Old Phones SD cards etc.


After visiting Roses, our last try in Spain,On our way to France, and not finding a suitable stopover, ( Very expensive and not so inviting Aires)  We left Spain around the 13/14 March.

Also at this point, I must mention. We Travel on a super tight budget, ie. my pension.So every penny counts..on a much bigger budget, we could use these more expensive Aires,but why !! after all the camper is our home, so where ever it sits for the night, or nights, its sitting on its own tyres, and in its own space, with us inside. A mini Hotel, in fact.

So Street parking can be the way some times. But much Preferred is Wild Camping, But not always possible in some areas of Spain, but no problem in France   

I must add, that we are always driving and looking at places, so, come sleepy  time ,a suitable Aire or wilding spot has to be sorted before dark, and we have to be happy with it. we normally start looking around 3 ish, but sometimes it bites us, especially if they are this expensive, or full of course, or no wilding spots near where we want to be, so we Then resort to street parking, overnight.

Wilding spot This one, in Portugal

 Failing any of this, Lidl or Aldi. Intermarche, Super U, always in most places in France and Spain have provision for 1/4 campers in their carp parks. With Intermarche, you get much more  they have Services, and washing machines on site, so 16 to 29 euros for an Aire seems daft, you can do all of this and Pay for your shopping with the savings. .and you get to shop on the spot..Bonus !!

Street Parking, can be done anywhere there are no parking restrictions, Just need to observant and aware of your surroundings,,,Rule is !! If it looks bad or dodgy, it probably is!! solution move on.

Street parking France

We tried for an Aire/campsite just over the border in France. Camping ,

Maureillas-Las-Illas, 7 Rue des Évadés de France.

What a difference in attitude from the Spanish ones, Place was expensive for what it is, and considering the beautiful surroundings..Dreary and poor quality services, and deserted when we were there, but to be fair to that Part, it was March. It has good ratings from park4night, but I fail to see most of it, perhaps we missed something, but I doubt it.

So We have been spoilt with Spain and it was short sharp shock to remind us, that all campsites are not idyllic. we headed on and turned right for the coast, and Argeles-sur-mur

We were very impressed with the drive both to the area and through it. but lack of affordable Aires brought it down to a day trip, Stunning scenery, all around, .

A lot on busy main road Aires,on intersections etc, although there must be some nice Quiet and less expensive, ones around But price wise a no no for us. and I suppose because its the south of France, that makes the rip off prices. But as we could not find any we could Justify the cost, or like, but as with previous trips, We will go back for another look at a later time.

So Off to central France

Our next stop along the way  To Carcasonne and Central France, Just outside Narbonne. Had a day looking round Narbonne. Many interesting Sites. But a city, It need more time to explore.We are going back if Brexit dont stop us touring. Anyway no photos as all electronics were ca-put..

Oh !! incidentally. We did try to replace them both in France and Spain, or at least one of them..also the pc..But the Prices !!

UK definitely has the best prices for electrical goods,. Also coupled with the Warranty Problem, if they went wrong, returning them would have been very hard. We managed to cope with a very old semi smart phone we had with us.Lucky really. cause I was going to chuck it.Limited memory, so we had to be selective with pictures.


Any way we found this place. a grave yard parking space, just out side the village of Coursan

A grave Yard !! Yup You got it..Another good wheeze, if your stuck. You can always find water at these places, and they are Dead quiet at night.. Link above for map area and one below for more info

Park4nite. sent us just up the road for official Aire, but it was just a dirt strip, right next to a kids playground and skate park.. NOOOO!! 

Not the usual good standard but usable, however we found the grave yard much better. There are recycling bins here, and a great little french guy approached us with 3 bottles of very expensive bubbly, he was going to tip..Asked if we would like them, stating that he did not drink bubbly wine..Result!! Vive La France.

Spent another lovely quiet night here, walked the village and some of the River just down the road, about half mile.

The weather was holding fine, in fact really good, considering last year around this area produced a lot floods and very poor weather,.  This is a Typical French village, quiet, but not deserted, seemingly as most others seem to be. We enjoyed it. Stopped one night  and moved towards Carcassone.

We meandered Through the French country side  taking our time. We hardly use main roads and Motorways  unless absolutely necessary,  

This type of travelling is more or less stress free but costs more in fuel. but as we dont pay wherever possible to park, we can do it.. and the places we see are truly amazing. some of them are stunning. we come on quite a lot randomly doing this..

Next place.  Sylvestre-sur-Lot, France

Great little place along the Lot river, Market day when we got there. but the Aire is forbidden to cars. only mo homes..Brill.

So easy parking, we were amused at French Drivers driving around looking for parking spaces, and the Aire was empty apart from us, and another camper, We Guess the Gendarme are hot on it, although we didn’t see any.


Stayed two nights, did the market, river walks, and did our washing in the Launderette just above the Aire in the village, by town hall.  Washing Machines outside the Intermarche by the car park and Aire, didn’t look too inviting, which is unusual. And the launderette turned out nicer and cheaper, only a 150 yard walk.

From here we move further into France and a new page, Click link too carry on

From Baynac to Saint-Jean at Abeterre-sur-Dronne.


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