I thought we would do a review of our Lexmoto 125 cc motorcycle which we acquired this year Called her LEX… of Course.015

As I have said in previous posts. We used to tow a trailer around behind Trusty with a very powerful, heavy Honda on. As Time went on and thousands of miles pulling the trailer Back and forth across Europe. I finally got fed up. and opted for a different system 

The Pros and Cons

The Pros. Well Weight for a start.  The Honda weighs  240 Kilos, The trailer around the same. I Strengthened it after our first trip as I broke a chassis rail on  a French Speed bump.

Just did not see it in time at night. Hit it around 40 mph.  Trusty. us , the bike and trailer must have been a foot in the air. broke the trailer on impact.

The Frogs love their speed bumps.If they would have built and deployed them at the time of the Armada. we would have surrendered. .

We  were lucky in the fact Harry’s place Route 66 was nearish. We limped a Hundred miles to  him. Where I borrowed his welder, Did a temporary repair. and it was good back to UK. where as  I strengthened the whole shebang. Now it can fly at any height and land better than a Jumbo Jet.

The Honda is also a fast road bike. Heavy and   not suited to Trails etc. We like to get up these to out of the way Places, which is why we opted for a 125cc motorbike . Lighter and much more maneuverable. 

The savings are many. Weight has dropped from 500 kilos behind, to 150 kilos. and that includes the rack to carry Lex as well.  Half a ton behind Trusty. knocks the fuel , Improving the Fuel consumption is really worth it alone.IMG_20180906_155014

One of the worst things about the earlier setup, is tight places were you cant turn. never mind with the trailer as well. Resulting in Unhitching in some very stupid places.

Once on a hairpin bend up a mountain in Spain, and once when we  we ended up after a wrong turn up a mountain road  also in Spain. This was gradually getting narrower and narrower. Pitch Black, nowhere to turn. Bugger it.

Found a gate. using reverse lights and a torch, opened the gate unhitched trailer and pushed back into the field. Only to be surrounded by a bunch of cows who looked mildly amused. or at least I like to think they were, because I wasn’t. 

Fuel...The Honda did 40 mpg on a good day. and open the throttles a bit, we were looking at 25 mpg.  Mind you that put you just under the speed of light. !!!!Image012

The Lexmoto does around 150 mpg with two up. prob more. I am clocking it at the moment. At the speed of a snail. but its so cheap to run.

We can now stop. use the bike and even save money on fuel by not taking  Trusty To Places she doesn’t seem to happy with 

Some of the most beautiful villages in Spain and Portugal. dont lend themselves to big vans. and definitely to Large campers towing a trailer.   With  Lex the 125, its a win win situation. 

Ferry. Another good saving. Used to cost us 40 quid extra, each way for the Honda and Trailer. The Lexmoto on the bike rack I built….Zero


Why The Lexmoto.

The Price for one, plus the availability of 125 second hand motorbikes at the time. Lex is a Chinese 15 plate ..paid £800 from a dealer. with a 100 point check on it and a full mot. Tax is 16 quid  a year. insurance from Bennett’s. is for me 59 quid.

For 800 quid I figured not bad for the bike, especially as used 125 Honda, Suzuki, and Yams were all around or more than this. and 10/12 years old. on  Fle-bay 

Cons.  Not many really.The build quality is definitely not Japanese quality. but its good enough for a run round. The 125cc mill. is definitely a Jap copy. and has good reviews for reliability. It runs strong. brakes are OK  for the weight of the Machine. Top speed is around 50 mph.  It’s more than good enough two up for any terrain.

It came fitted with a pirelli tubeless back Tyre (good)  and a Chinese front one ( not good ) They put tubes in the Chinese ones. I am going to change it soon. The Exhaust is poor quality. but it will do for now. tendency to burn your leg if your not careful on the heat shield. which is not any way, any good. i’ll sort that as well soon. Overall so far its done what it says on the tin. Its an ideal starter bike and rather than spend 3 grand on a new Jap equivalent. We will see if it lasts the distance, and the usage.But Overall again, it  seems  a good buy.

We opted for a bike rather than a scooter. mainly for the ground clearance. Scooters are OK for the road. but leave something to be desired on tracks.especially rutted ones.


After many Runs on Lex our 125. It started to play up badly. Misfiring and wouldn’t pull over 6 thousand revs. Here is what I found

Exhaust was more than ropey. it was junk. I’ve taken apart and restyled it. Removed the restriction pipe which had come loose and was blocking the Exhaust. It’s a job I wanted to do anyway.and welded it back together, Going to make a custom one for it when back to UK. 

Still misfired when over 6 thousand revs but pulled better below that. Solution was to remove the Carbatooter (carburetor) Main jet partially blocked and pilot the same. Stripped cleaned and back together . 

Next I set about finding why it had a little dirt in the float bowl. Took out the tank filter. looked brand new. Only conclusion I can come to. is That the Previous owner manage to get some dirt in the tank. and the dealer I bought it off  missed it. So I Took the tank off, emptied it out into a clear 5 liter water bottle and low and behold bits and crap., not a ton. but enough to stop the bike if it got into the carb. Which it did.

Washed it out, and replaced with clean fuel. replaced the Tank filter just in case.  Now she’s Flying !!.

The 101 point check the dealer was supposed to have done was suspicious . and Im now calling it a 98 point check as the exhaust was obvious and should have been done as well. By the time we finish this trip it may be down to a 3 point check. well see.

Its official. She’s doing 150 to 5 liters of fuel..not bad running hood and strong.  No problems except we fell off into a muddy puddle at the Villa..Not ours!! I might add, A tent is more like the Finances we can raise.

Oh well. That’s the shower taken care of this week..we weren’t hurt and no damages to bike..Muddy tracks and narrow tires don’t mix…We can vouch for it ..More updates as we go on with the bike.


Our new bathing place

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