Data Base: For Our Campsites. Wild Camping Spots. And Aire’s


A list of Campsites, Aires, and Wilding spots we have used  We hope  They are useful to you. Any comments please use our comments form at the bottom of the page

PLEASE NOTE…Owing to loss of the PC en route, I cannot update this list with this years stops, until we make landfall in the UK . but there should be enough here to help you

We welcome comments on the site. So we can alter or improve it. Follow on the Map or more detailed pages underneath. which you can copy 

Because of the length of time we have been travelling and the fact we did not document them before last year the list may be higgaldy piggadly . But the Co- ords will be accurate. I will keep updating as we go later this Year

     Spain link                                                                                    Portugal link


 50.81129, 2.02172     CAMPER STOP                     
called this a stop as its not really an Aire. Its a beautiful little chapel with a gravel car park.only about 5 /6 Space.  Put a euro or two in the box at the chapel and stay, burn a candle for her if your so inclined. Leave it as you found it Immaculate. No Services
49.92115, 2.72214  CAMPER STOP Bray sur Somme
A great spot, not suitable for large mo homes. as its a dirt track alongside the canal only place to park is between the trees. a chance of parking for larger vans just at entrance. no services and precious little to do except enjoy it.
49.28426, -0.69781  CAMPSITE  Bayeux Center
cheap and good only 3 vans here when we were here in April last year. 5 euros a night with every thing ..waste water.and dump. the free Aire is down the road. but its tiny . This is better. and smack bang in walking distance to super markets. Cathedral, Tapestry and Old Quarter. All Services. No showers
49.66946, -1.68129    WILD-CAMP near Cherbourg
Brilliant Views, We parked right on quay, next to castle. around 5 k’s to ferry. stayed two night with out any trouble, quiet at night, couple of visits from the Gendarme’s. no problems. No services
48.709998, -1.51147  CAMPER-SPOT    Near Potrel
Only 8 spaces. Huge beach at the top of road, which is a dead end. tight roads for larger campers on approach and exit. either way you go. 48 Hour limit. No services


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